Mistakes to avoid when booking your cruise cabin

Choosing the right cabin for your first cruise

Mistakes to avoid when booking your cruise cabin

Some people are very particular about the cabin they like to book when sailing on their favourite cruiseship. I have met passengers on cruises that only book the same cabin on the same cruiseship they dont care so much about the itinerary of where the cruise is sailing aslng as they get the cabin of their choice.

I am not as particular, more so because I want to experience all the different cruise lines available. However there are still a few certain things I want from my cabin to get the best out of the cruise which is why I have put together this list of mistakes to avoid when booking your cabin so you too have a wonderful cruise.

Choosing the right cabin for your first cruise
Choosing the right cabin for your first cruise

Choosing the right Location of the cabin

Location might not seem important but you dont want to be under the dancefloor if you are a light sleeper or a floor under a sundeck if you like a lie in as you will be woken up by sun loungers being scraped along the deck in the early hours of the morning.

Also another one to avoid is under the running track as on a lot of cruises I have been on people have complained about being woken up by early morning joggers thumping along the promenade. So much so the cruise requested people to not run before 7.30am

If you get sea sick it is best to have a low deck  mid deck cabin as it has less movement. I have read this tip many times and didnt think much of it until I experienced some particularly rough seas and it is definitely calmer in the middle of the ship and the lower down you can go.

Think of the size of the ship as well when choosing your location. If you know you want to be close to the restaurant to get there easily when it is your dinner setting then take this into consideration.

balcony on cruise cabin
The location of your cabin is important

I have mobility issues and know I will need to use a lift rather than a staircase for more than one level so I choose to be near a lift. I also like to be near the library as one of my favourite things to do on a ship is read and I get through so many books I like to be close by to get my next read.

I would avoid being near the laundry room as people will be going in and out all hours and it is often a place of gossiping so can be a little noisy.

I like my cabin to be quiet as it is a place to relax so I also choose to not be under any bars or theatres.

Which are the best Type of cabin

Does the size of the cabin matter? do you have to have a window or a balcony? these are the other you need to think of when choosing the type of cabin.

cabin on ship
Choosing the right type of cabin is important

For me I normally cruise solo so size if not a priority. I always thought I had to have a window otherwise I would feel claustrophobic, but I prefer to save money and now like inside cabins as they are dark to have afternoon naps.

Dont get me wrong if a ship wants to upgrade me to a balcony, I won’t complain but it’s not a priority for me.

If a window or balcony is important then you need to consider the view. Not all views are the same some can be obstructed which might mean there is a lifeboat outside the window so even though the cabin says there is a window you won’t be able to see anything as there is a great big lifeboat in the way.

This is a mistake I often heard people complaining about they thought they were going to be able to sit on their balcony and get luscious views of the crashing waves, but they can’t see anything so it’s a big disappointment

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