Top tips on How to combat sea sickness

how to combt sea sickness

Top tips on How to combat sea sickness

I suffer from travel sickness but more on land rather than sea I think I was a sailor in a past life as I have quite good sea legs. But because I do suffer from motion sickness I tend to take precautions when I am a ship as well as you never know when it is going to strike.

Going through chemotherapy I tried most sickness remedies that are out there some worked for me whilst some didn’t but worked for others so I think it is a bit of trial and error to find what will work for you. For more information on combating motion sickness, there are many useful websites click here for one.

I suffer from Emetophobia which is a fear of being sick or seeing others be sick so I have tried many of these remedies myself and would recommend anyone that suffers motion sickness to find one that works for you.

I have actually had to stop writing this article a couple of times as even researching remedies is sending me into a bit of a panic. If you still can not find anything do speak to your GP as they might be able to prescribe something to help.

What is sea sickness

Sea Sickness also know as motion sickness and can happen on any type of transport. According to the NHS UK , it is Motion sickness is a term that describes an unpleasant combination of symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, that can occur when you’re travelling.

There is nothing I hate more than feeling sick, I have been on some rough seas when I have felt queasy but have felt a little queasy. I have met people who have gone on their very first cruise and suffered so badly from sea sickness that they have said they are never going to go on another cruise.

I have also met people who suffer really badly but love cruising so much apart from the sea sickness that they keep going on cruises.

Tips to reduce motion sickness

Here are some tips for reducing motion sickness, can work on land sea or air. If you have any tips that I have missed please get in touch and let me know.

Avoid alcohol

Eat little but often something light

Ginger products

It needs to contact actual ginger and not just flavouring. When I have had an upset tummy I have tried a number of these and think it works. Ginger nut biscuits, Ginger beer. I love ginger beer and would drink it even if I wasn’t feeling ill. I took ginger capsules once but kept burping ginger so wasn’t so keen on that.

Over the counter motion sickness pills

Get them from the pharmacy before you leave home as they will be a lot cheaper I even take them just in case as its best to prevent the sickness feeling than trying to deal with it when it happens.

Over the counter motion sickness liquids

If you have difficulty swallowing pills like I do you might be best trying something in liquid form.

Lip Balm

There are some lip balms that have essential oils in to combat motion sickness. This is one for morning sickness but I guess it would work in the same concept.

Aromatherapy Oils

Some oils have therapeutic properties to help with motion sickness. I don’t claim to be an expert but I have tried a few and think they have helped. I used to put peppermint oil on my wrists when going on a long coach journey, plus it made me smell nice.

Flat fizzy cola or lemonade

I find sipping on flat fizzy drinks help, lemonade works best for me. I also find black tea settles my stomach.


I swear by acupuncture I’ve tried it for many things and it has been brilliant. You can get it on most cruise ships however it is often very expensive on although if it is going to make you feel better then budget for it.

Or if you know you are prone to sickness have a few sections at home before the cruise. I used to have a brilliant acupuncturist who would give me pressure magnets to use when I was away it helped relieve my anxiety of getting motion sickness and that actually stopped me getting sick.

Pressure point wrist bands

I love these and do think they work. I normally wear them when I fly

You can also purchase a Drug-free wrist band which delivers a constant pulse that has been proven in clinical trials to help with motion sickness

Chewing gum

Chewing gum creates saliva which can help neutralise acids in your stomach and relieve motion sickness. I actually find that this does work. if I start to feel queasy I always have some minty chewing gum.

Pressure points on head and legs 

Mid ship low deck

The middle of the ship on the lower decks has the least movement so if you are feeling nauseous try and get here and sit and relax. I always try and get a mid ship low deck cabin if possible.

On-Board support

Some cruise lines do presentations on how to combat seasickness if might be a way of them selling something but go along you might learn something or even someone might offer you the perfect remedy.


TravelShades are available I actually tried these out. The glasses have one eye covered and you alternate which eye is covered by turning the glasses which is why the design looks a little strange.

However you can not walk in these so they are only suitable if you are sitting still. I personally didn’t find them helpful as I close my eyes if I start to feel motion sickness but the concept is good and I am sure they will work for others.

I am going to take them on my next cruise and give them to someone feeling sea sick. If you would like more information on these shades here is the website

how to combat sea sickness

Seasickness patch

You can get this from your GP.

A Green Apple

Gary Barlow once said that eating a green apple can help. If you don’t know who Gary Barlow is he was a pop star in a famous boy band I grew up with so not a professional physician it just made me laugh when he said it on a talent show.

I love this tip but not sure if it would actually work another weird one I heard was putting cotton wool in your ear when you first get on the ship and leaving it there for the whole journey.

Although there is an ear plug designed for kids and adults so maybe putting the cotton wool in the ear works in a similar manner.

When researching for this post I came across chuckiebag which is a website selling sickness bags and it actually has some useful information with some more sea sickness remedies.

Also if you know you are prone to sickness might be best to carry a sickness bag as it could still happen but I hope you find a remedy that works for you.

So that is my list of the best seasickness remedies I have come across, have you used something that has helped that I haven’t included? please let me know in the comments below.

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