6 Amazing tips for visiting New York

I love visiting New York I have been twice both in winter and I need to visit at some other time of the year to get a different perspective of the big apple.

It is no surprise that New York is a popular Bucket List Destination.

I would love to visit in Spring so I can spend some more time in Central park as when I visited in winter it was way too cold to spend too much time outside although the city did look beautiful in the snow and with its Christmas lights up.

You can get some amazing deals on New York which make it more of an affordable tip than years ago when it was just a dream for many people.

Staten Island Ferry

If you want a closer look at the statue of Liberty, then try the Staten island ferry. Is free and will not be full of too many tourists trying to get photos o the magnificent lady but it does sail right by and offers some great views. I did the ferry and then hopped straight back on for a return journey. If I had more time, I would have explored Staten but as I did not, I came back to the mainland.

There was about 15 minutes to wait and this gave me time to grab a snack and look at some of the food stalls in the ferry terminal but there wasn’t really munch more to do its well worth it though for a free thing to do in New York.

You will need longer than you expect

I have visited New York twice for 5 days and4 days and there is still so much that I need to see, and dont think you will be able to cram everything into a couple of days.

I would suggest for the first time and if your time allows than aim for 5 nights so you can experience as much of the city as possible.

Top of the Rock v Empire State Building

You know that the best views of new York are from the Empire State building but I personally think it is best to visit the Top of the Rock as this means you actually get a view of the new York skyline with the Empire State Building in the view also the queues were minimal compared to the Empire State Building and it was cheaper.

The lift in the Top of the Rock is an experience.

Avoid Airbnb

It is illegal in New York to sublet apartments so anyone using Air BNB is breaking the law and you could also get into trouble.

 Have got some amazing deals on Hotels and it was not as expensive as I thought. Obviously, you are paying a premium for staying in New York as it is such a popular city. I like to stay in Times Square as this is where I spend most of my time at night and means I don must travel far which is important to me as a solo female traveller.

I have found hotels for less that £120 per night and they have been wonderful. I loved the dark decor in the Night Hotel in Times Square.

Avoid Yellow Cabs

It is an experience to us e a yellow cab in New York and you will see plenty but they are s low moving as there is so much traffic is it much better to use the subway to get around the city cheaper and faster and still a great experience.

Tix Broadway Tickets Booth

If you want to see a Broadway show it is well worth visiting a tix office, there are two in New York. They have different shows each day and if you are flexible on what you want to see you can get a great bargain. I saw a show that I had not even heard about and really enjoyed it plus it was at a smaller theatre so smaller queue.

Be prepared to queue at the TIX office so find out its opening times but I only queue for about 20 minutes as I dot do queuing. Worth it to save a few dollars and see something you were not expecting.

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