The 5 top things to do in Seattle

The Best Things to do in Seattle

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The Best Things to do in Seattle
The Best Things to do in Seattle

If you travel almost as far up as you can on the west coast in the USA, you’ll find quite a quirky but fun city – Seattle. It is a really cool place with quite a few unique things to check out!

Seattle, located in Washington, is only two and a half hours by car from Vancouver if you happen to be in Canada, which makes it the perfect destination for a day trip across the border.

Guest blogger Amanda from My Backpacker Life made the drive down from Vancouver and spent a day exploring Seattle – here she shares her top 5 things to do in Seattle.

If you are looking at road trips to and from Seattle, San Francisco to Seattle is meant to be a good one too.

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The Fremont Troll

I guess visiting The Fremont Troll is a Unique thing to do in Seattle as it is not that well known but still worth a visit when in Seattle.

In Fremont, a fun neighbourhood only 15 minutes outside of Seattle, you’ll find quite a unique piece of art under the George Washington Memorial Bridge – a troll!

It pretty much looks like it’s coming out from the ground under the bridge and it’s supposed to be grasping a car, although I didn’t get that at first, to be honest.

Now when I’m looking back at my photos, it’s pretty clear – which makes the troll even more interesting! This statue is such a rare sight and definitely a must-see during your visit to Seattle.

troll in seattle
Troll in Seattle : Image Credit My Backpacker Life

Gas Works Park

The Gas Works Park is located only 15 minutes by foot, or five minutes by car, from the Fremont Troll. This park is for everyone who loves skylines as Seattle has one of the most beautiful skylines in the USA.

It used to be the home of Seattle Gas Light Company and you’re still able to see its remains if you stroll around the park.

Bring a picnic, choose a nice spot on the hill and admire the STUUNING skyline that Seattle has to offer!

gas works park in seattle
Gas Works Park in Seattle Image Credit : My Backpacker Life

Pike Place Market

Looking for fresh fish? Maybe some fruit and vegetables? Or, are you perhaps looking for some artwork or other souvenirs to bring with you back home from Seattle?

The Pike Place Market pretty much has it all! This is one of USA’s oldest farmer’s markets and it’s definitely worth a visit.

In addition to the crafts market, farmer’s market and all the food options, there are also small adjoining shops that sell everything from vinyl records to old comic books! Making it a cool place to visit in Seattle.

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market Image Credit : My Backpacker Life

Kerry Park

One of my favourite things to see in Seattle is Kerry Park. Before your visit to Seattle is over for this time, you should really check out this city Park. It’s located northwest of Seattle city centre, upon a hill – which is the reason it offers such great views!

From this viewpoint, you’ll get to see Seattle’s skyline and beyond – maybe end your day by watching the sunset from here?

Kerry Park in Seattle
Kerry Park in Seattle Image Credit : My Backpacker Life

The very first Starbucks

Do you know where the first Starbucks opened up its doors? You guessed it, it was in Seattle. Even better, it’s just minutes away from the Pike Place Market!

Even if you don’t drink coffee, this could be a pretty cool place to check out. You’ll find it at 1912 Pike Place, but be prepared to wait in a rather long line before you get to order.

My backpacker life

Author Bio : In 2018, Amanda quit her job back home in Sweden to become a full-time backpacker. She’s spent one year in Canada and soon she’ll move on to explore the USA and Australia. Follow her adventures on her blog My Backpacker Life  and on Facebook: Mybackpackerlifeblog or Instagram: Mybackpackerlifeblog

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