A Stags City Break Guide To Newcastle

stags guide to newcastle

A Stags City Break Guide To Newcastle

It is true what they say about the Geordies, they are some of the friendliest folk with a great sense of humour, bursting with pride about their local culture and invigorating attractions.

The capital of the Northeast, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is known for its pumping social life, electrifying nightlife and iconic landmarks. One of the things I loved most about Newcastle is that there’s never an excuse to be bored. From the magical NewcastleGateshead Winter Festival to the festival specifically for families – ‘Juice Festival’ – there is always something going on!

Newcastle is also one of the most affordable stag party destinations, with reasonably priced hotel rooms and the infamous nightclubs and bars. Here are 6 things you can see when you visit Newcastle

Newcastle’s Iconic Bridges

You will soon know that you are in Newcastle because of its rich history, architecture and culture, that will probably stare you in the face. The Tyne Bridge, magnificent in its design and appearance is one of the major attractions of the city. Engineers of Doorman Long designed this Geordie gem. You can stroll across the Gateshead’s Millenium Bridge, the new B on the block, that represents the modern era of bridge architecture. This bridge, shaped like a blinking eye is a must visit for energy enthusiasts as it costs less than £4.00 to tilt open and close to allow the passing boats beneath.

millennium bridge in newcastle

Victoria Tunnel

Newcastle’s top attraction; Victoria Tunnel is one of Newcastle’s most immersive experiences. This British version of the Qui Chi Tunnels (famous in Vietnam) is open to the public eye by the tour. This fully preserved 19th-century coal wagonway and WW2 air-raid shelter offer a glimpse into the city’s past.

For those of you interested in knowing the life of people who once resided underground should get the full lowdown of stories by the energic tour guides. Victoria Tunnel isn’t the place for anyone who has a fear of packed spaces as it gets a little spooky down there.

The Newcastle Nightlife

Newcastle loves to party! It has more to its menu than three-for-one jaeger bombs, and local craft beer cheaper than soft drinks. That is the reason why a stag do in Newcastle won’t break your banks. Newcastle not just has the best bars for late night revelry, but it also has a plethora of buzzing daytime bars. The cold temperature expected most year up in the Northeast doesn’t prevent the Geordies from wearing whatever they want – however they want!

From Osborne Road to the Diamond Strip, from the dazzling Quayside to the Gate in the centre, there are plenty of areas with vibrating bars to go out in Newcastle. Some of my favourite cocktail bars are ‘The Botanist’ and ‘Pitcher and Piano’ for elaborate cocktails. ‘Pleased To Meet You’ and ‘The Glass House’ are also lovely.

newcastle at night

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

For art lovers of all sorts, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art offers arts of varied nature – from sporadic designs to controversial posters. Housed in a former flour mill, Baltic is another part of the Gateshead Quayside development along with the Tyne Bridge and Sage. With several floors of contemporary arts to get lost in, the Baltic is one of the most famous attractions of Newcastle.

The Sage

The Sage is one of the best venues to hear live music and shows. The sage is set! It has housed acts like Mogwai and Mumford and Sons, Morrissey, and is no stranger to international events. I really enjoyed its turquoise turtleback shaped-roof that shines beautifully with the reflection of any natural light. It a truly unique music venue that you can’t afford to miss!!

Angel of the North

Built back in the 90s, the Angel of the North offers year-round reasons to visit. This contemporary steel structure that reinforces Newcastle’s culture calling is one of the most talked about pieces of public art ever produced. Designed by Antony Gormley, this impressive landmark is thought to be the largest angel sculpture in the world. Whether you want to experience a sheer jaw-dropping moment or just an instagrammable selfie, you have to spend enough time there to appreciate its grandeur fully.

Newcastle stands out with its iconic architectural wonders and various activities on offer, making it one of the top stag do destinations on the continent.

angel of the north in newcastle

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A Stags Guide to Newcastle


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