Boston Attractions

I was so surprised at Boston I did a side trip when I was visiting Philadelphia and it wasnt what I was expecting.

To start my east Coast trip I flew into Boston International Aiport by getting a great price on Boston flights

Here are some of the attractions Boston has to offer

Boston’s Best Attractions and Activities offer something for everyone.

Boston boasts of being home to marvelous museums, fascinating sites, and unique outdoor activities, among many other goodies.

If you have made your mind and decided to tour Boston, rest assured that you made the right decision. It is situated close to other impressive U.S tourist spots such as Hartford, New York City, and Providence. As such, it’s convenient for visitors looking to explore the East coast uniquely.

If you are planning to visit Boston soon, you are probably planning your to-do list. We

I understand that this may be a big challenge (especially for first-time tourists), and that’s why we are composing this post to help you.

Here we will talk about the most fascinating and yet visited tourist spots in Boston.

The Best Boston Attractions of All the Times

Whether you are coming to Boston alone or with your family, make sure you include the following in your to-do list.Witness Live Sporting Events

Do you love sports? If your answer is yes, then you need to witness some live sporting events here in Boston. It does not matter the season you plan your tour: there will always be sporting events that you should never miss.

Some of the famous sporting team in Boston includes;

New England Patriots – you will see them play at the home ground if you visit between September to January

Boston Celtics – You can go and witness the team in action between October and April.

Boston Red Sox – watch the team in action between April and October

Boston Bruins – takes place from October to April
Most of the games played between these teams take place at night, and hence this can be a great adventurous activity to enjoy the night.

Attend Alive Concert In Boston

Boston is a fantastic city. It attracts hundreds of well-known musicians from all corners of the globe throughout the year-round.

So, if you love attending live concerts, be confident that you will encounter them in Boston.

There are several famous venues where you can check to see whether there is any live concert event. For instance,

  • Royale
  • The Middle East
  • TD Garden
  • Brighton Music Hall
  • House of Blues
  • Boston Symphony Hall
  • Scullers Jazz Club
  • The Sinclair, among many other venues.

Going to live music concerts will offer you a great way to take a break from your life stress and thus adding joy into your life.

Witness Some Gorgeous Boston Attractions

Boston is home to several different attractions, both natural and human-made. Make sure you plan your time well to explore as many of them as possible. If you don’t have a clue yet, consider visiting some of the following Boston attractions;

  • Bunker Hill Monument

There are several Museums here in Boston offering free access to monuments. Find your way to the top and have a fascinating view of the entire city. You will appreciate the beauty of this city if you take a view from any of the high monuments in the museums.

  • The Cheers Bar

You may have watched the popular TV show, Cheers. Assuming this is your case, you’d probably want to witness the real pub that inspired the hit series!
If you don’t know anything regarding the Cheers series, you just go to the club and enjoy any favorite adult beverages.

  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace

If you have enough time during the day, why don’t you visit the Faneuil Hall Marketplace? The market offers more than just shopping. There are free amusing activities for the kids, lots of street performers and dancers, great restaurants and hotels, movie theatre, lively bars, etc.

  1. Explore the Neighborhoods

The region surrounding Boston is just fantastic, and each has its history. Create some time and tour some neighboring areas such as;

  • Chinatown
  • Beacon Hill
  • North End (also called Little Italy)
  • Freedom Trail/Boston Commo
  • Cambridge/Harvard
  • Fenway and
  • Back Bay

You will learn more as you appreciate the beauty of these regions closer to Boston

Taste Local Foods in Boston

There are very many hotels and restaurants in Boston dealing in various meals – some of which you have never tasted in your life. If you are in Boston and unsure where or what to eat, choose between the following options.

  • Pizza – There are various Italian hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy some pizza. You can also find these on-street cafes.

Chinese food
If you visit the Chinatown while in Boston, you should try out some local Chinese foods. Boston brings China close to you – you don’t need to travel to China to experience its delicacies.

Dinner Cruise
Don’t you want to dine as you explore the beauty of Boston? Well, consider scheduling time for a dinner cruise with your family, friends, and relatives. The cruise features excellent local favourites, so be confident of tasting something good.

Old North Church

This historical church is ranked among the most visited tourist attraction sites in Boston.

The popularity of Old North Church began in 1775 when the American Revolution was ignited. There are a lot of things to learn and explore here, so make efforts to visit.

Likewise, going to this church will offer you an excellent place to repent and thank your creator (if you are a prayerful person). You can attend the church worshipping and praising sessions that take place here every evening or come on Sundays. Every person is welcome, regardless of religion or faith.

Final Thought about Boston

As you may have noted in this post, Boston has something for every person – from kids to aged.

Don’t leave anyone interested behind when coming to Boston. Bring them and share the unforgettable, fantastic moments you will experience while exploring these top-rated Boston sights.

If you maximize your excursion, you will go home with smiles and wanting to go back to Boston again.

You will realize that even a month-stay would not be enough to exhaust all that Boston has in store for you entirely.

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