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Getting to know a Travel Blogger

Wanderlust Storytellers

Jolene and Andrzej are living their dream. The duo is behind Wanderlust Storytellers, their widely successful family travel blog. They love sharing their passion for travel with people all around the globe. The couple says that they have found their purpose in life: “the question and the never-ending search for what we are here for or what we are meant to do with our lives was answered when we created our family travel blog.”

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1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

Our blog Wanderlust Storytellers actually just turned 2 years old in June.  We decided to start the blog simply and purely because we got sick and tired of the routine of life and work.  I was a teacher and to be honest, I wasn’t enjoying my job anymore.  I was always stressed out and tired.  I wanted a life that was more enjoyable and so my husband and I sat down and brainstormed what life would look like if we could design it to make us happy.

The one thing that came up time and time again was travel.  So, we started researching ways in which we could earn a living from travel.  We found Brooke’s blog – World of Wanderlust and bought her book about how she started her blog!  We knew that we could do the same and so Wanderlust Storytellers was born!  It has been a hard journey and it has involved a lot more work than we ever expected, but I now love what I do for a job!

getting to know a travel blogger, travel guest post
Fushimi Inari Shrine Kyoto Japan

 2. Fav destination and why?

My favourite countries are Italy and Vietnam!  If I must choose a very specific destination as my favourite, I would have to choose the Amalfi Coast!  We went to Italy for our honeymoon a few years back and whilst our whole trip was incredible, the most memorable were our days spent in Positano and the surrounding towns.

We hired a car and went on an Amalfi Coast road trip to explore all the gorgeous coastal towns!  It was an incredible day!  Driving on those narrow, bending roads that hug their way against the cliff face of the mountain!  It was wonderful to see towns in all distinct colours; the pastels of Positano, the golden and white of Praiano as well as to see the glorious views from Ravello! 

I would go back again in a heartbeat!

You can read more about our trip below

Amalfi Coast Drive


3. Blogging tip

My biggest tip for blogging is to make sure that you learn about SEO right from the first blog post.  We relied on social media traffic for our first year of blogging and our growth was so incredibly slow!  Once we learnt about SEO, we went back and optimized all our posts to include loads of keywords and now we keep growing without having to work so hard at it.

4. Dream trip

My dream trip is most definitely Island Hopping in Greece!  I know that it might be a bit cliché and that I could have chosen a destination more unique to sound impressive!  But honestly, I would just love to go on a sailing trip for a few weeks and visit those incredible picture perfect islands in Greece! 

I’m keeping this one as a parent-escape holiday.  So, when my youngest (she is currently 11 months old) is old enough to stay behind with the Grandparents, I want to take hubby and set off into the sunset on a sail boat in Greece!

5. Pet peeve about travelling

I think my biggest annoyance when travelling is the airplane!   That person that sits next to you with bad breath and snores with his/her mouth open, constantly blasting the bad smelling breathe across your way. 

The person next to you that hogs the armrest for the whole flight!  But the worst for me is when people/kids can’t leave my seat alone.  If they pull on it and/or when they kick it!  Don’t get me wrong, I have three kids, I get how hard it is to have kids on long haul flights, but come on!  Why should I be uncomfortable just because you chose to bring your kids on the flight?  I always find that I have to bite my tongue so to speak and not unleash all my rage all over those parents.

6. Favourite travel blogger

The travel bloggers I follow have consistently changed over the years.  I guess we all grow and evolve within our own blog space and so in result connect with several types of bloggers along that journey.  Currently my biggest inspiration in the travel industry is the Bucketlist Family.  They are full time travellers with their two young kids.  I truly admire how ‘famous’ they are, but yet they remain to be just normal down-to-earth gorgeous people. 

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