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Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – Everything Zany

getting to know a travel blogger everything zanyRyazan Tristram is named after a Russian city near Moscow. The Miss Zan-shine of Everything ZanyA Photography, Lifestyle and Dual Citizen Travel Blog. She likes to travel, history, meet people & try exotic foods! Planning to explore more countries with her D.I.Y trips as a Dual Citizen (British – Filipina).

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I started blogging in Spring 2015 when I became a regular contributor to a travel community blog and eventually became the Managing Editor of the team. I never heard of blogging until then; I was a complete noob about it! One thing was definite, I love to travel and explore.
So I studied digital marketing and SEO to learn the ropes of the blogosphere. The rapid growth of our travel community blog came with great responsibility and opportunity to expand my network. I got to meet loads of wonderful people and create connections in the Hospitality and Travel Industries worldwide.
Blogging has changed my life completely! And I’m indefinitely grateful for it

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Fav destination and why?

A very tough question! However, If have to pick one, it would be…
Iceland, the land of ice and fire.
This country truly captured my heart with its indescribable volcanic landscape, waterfalls, glaciers and more! I would recommend it to anyone without question. I have a few unforgettable moments in Iceland, I celebrated my birthday on the top of the Solheim glacier near Vik, witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights and conquering my fear when I swam in Silfra between the two tectonic plates. It was all surreal!
I’m still hoping to come back soon to Iceland to do the road trip around Route 1. This is definitely on my travel bucket list!

Blogging tip

If I have to give one blogging tip it would be to learn and be patient with SEO.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the mystical things in the digital world. If you are serious about blogging, want to grow your blog and get found, SEO is the way to go. However, this will take loads of time and effort to build up your strong website foundation. Understanding how the Search Engine works (at least, through observation and testing) will give your blog a much-needed boost in traffic. Always make sure to put the searcher’s intent before yours!
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Dream trip

I would probably say Dream trips!
I really would love to visit Greenland and Bora-Bora. For the longest time, I have been dreaming to see the idyllic beauty of these islands. You might probably notice that it’s at the extreme of both climates!
During my visit to Iceland, I fell in love with the charismatic ruggedness of this Scandinavian islands that it makes me want to explore more of it. As for Bora-Bora, it is one of my dream destination since I was a teenager. I saw a photo of the island, and I promised myself that I would go there someday.

Pet peeve about travelling

One thing that gets me is the competition vibes within the travelling community.
It seems like everyone is up for those “upcoming destination that no one has ever been” and with the aim to be the talk of the town.
Some of the petty competition think travelling is just about saving the most money, immersing themselves in the local culture, taking the best picture or selfie or too many other things to enumerate.
Travelling is a personal experience. No one should be told how they should travel and what they should do regarding travelling style. Everyone has their reasons and preference on how they want to cherish its fleeting moment when discovering new places.

Favourite travel blogger

My favourite blogger is Kiersten of The Blonde Abroad. I love her style and way of inspiring women to travel. So keep it up, Kiersten. You are such a great inspiration.

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