Getting to Know a Travel Blogger Series : Whisper Wanderlust

travel blogger interview

Getting to Know a Travel Blogger Series : Whisper Wanderlust

Raluca Belu is a travel blogger from Romania, who writes with passion and dedication, about the beautiful destinations she visit, providing useful information, tips & tricks, honest reviews, and beautiful photos.

Through Whisper Wanderlust, she hopes to reach to as many people as possible, who have the same passion as herself, and to help them with advice and quality content. Her goal is to inspire people and to make them believe in their dreams and in the possibility of traveling to the places they have always wanted to see.

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

Last year, I started being very attracted to the idea of putting into words and passing on what I was seeing and experiencing during my travels. I’m also passionate about photography, so I tried to merge them all and, eventually, something beautiful came out: my travel blog, Whisper Wanderlust. I posted my first article,”6 hours in New York” last year, on August 1.

Fav destination and why?

It’s difficult to choose my favorite destination because I fall in love with each place I visit. Still, if I were to choose one, I think it would be New York. I loved it before and after I got the chance to see it in reality. I don’t think I’d ever get bored of it. On the other hand, if we refer to a more exotic destination, I would vote for El Nido, in the Philippines.

travel blogger interview

Blogging tip

Imagine that you are your reader and write so that you enjoy what you read. Put the emphasis on the quality of information and photos, but do it in an original manner that differentiates you from the thousands of existing bloggers. Also, be constant and serious!

Dream trip

My dream was a road trip on Pacific Coast Highway. I fulfilled that one, so now I’m dreaming of going on a road trip in South America.

travel blog interview

Pet peeve about travelling

I get very bothered by noisy tourists. I also hate being told I’m taking too many photos. There are never too many :))

Favourite travel blogger

Aileen Adalid from IamAileen seems to me a complete travel blogger if I can say that. Her articles contain a great deal of information, and they are very well structured. She’s a very talented travel vlogger, as well.

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