5 Reasons To Try A Turkish Gulet Holiday

Turkish Gulet Holiday

5 Reasons To Try A Turkish Gulet Holiday 

There are many reasons to try a cruise, with many options in the types and service levels you can choose. One of those options that you might not have been aware of or even considered are the Turkish gulets.

Traditionally built out of wood, with a two or three masts (although they’re powered by a motor), anywhere between 4 to 10 cabins and holding up to 20 passengers, the Turkish gulet is an intimate and unique style of travelling around the Mediterranean coast.

Like with any cruise, gulet holidays come in a variety of options and levels of luxury, with some catering for backpackers while others cater to the luxury travel market, then there’s everything in between. While the levels of luxury, amenities and service on board can differ the general holiday is often then same. Guest blogger Chris Nunn from Chris Did shares his 5 reasons you should try a gulet holiday.

Turkish Gulet Holiday
Image Credit : Chris Nunn

Chance to explore secluded bays and beaches

The Turkish coastline stretches 8,000 km and is made up of hundreds of bays and 436 blue flag beaches, with many inaccessible or hard at the very least hard to reach by land.

By going on gulet, you give yourself access and the chance to explore quiet bays and beaches, with no one or at least very few people around. With shallow bottoms and ability to fit through tight spaces, gulets are able to take you close to beaches and bays that other (larger) boats aren’t able to.

Dive into crystal clear waters

With temperatures in the day often hitting 30+C in the summer, reaching even higher on the land. Being surrounded by and having the chance to dive into some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean is a perfect way to cool down.

From the luxury to the more “budget” gulet, the boats come equipped with plenty of equipment to help you make the most of the water; including snorkelling gear to let you observe the clear waters and ecosystems around the rocky cliffs and floats to relax and bob around in.

sail in turkey
Image Credit Chris Nunn

Delicious food

Turkish food is known for being exceptionally tasty, and this is no different on a gulet holiday.

Each gulet has a chef onboard, who stocks the ship with fresh produce and ingredients, from the local shops and markets in the towns/villages you visit during your trip.

Once stocked up, the chef spends the day preparing and creating delicious feasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner – there is usually afternoon tea and snacks which are welcome refreshment after an afternoon of exploring or splashing around in the water. Much of the food you get on board are stews, barbequed meats, vegtables, fresh salads and perfectly cooked and garnished rice and pasta. In the mornings, you’ll be offered local cheeses, spreads and baked goods, along with tea and coffee.

Sleeping under the stars

Unlike other boating holidays in and around Europe, Turkish gulets rarely (if ever) dock or anchor in a town or village port. In place of this, the gulets often anchor up in the secluded bays you visit and explore in the afternoons/evenings.

Being docked away from the lights of a town allows you to enjoy almost complete peace and quiet in the evenings, watching the stars come out as the sun dips below the horizon. While the more luxury gulets have fully air-conditioned cabins, it’s often rare for people to spend the nights in them. Instead, guests on board any type of gulet take advantage of the deck beds that line the boats, bringing up their bedding for the evening and sleeping under the stars as the waves gently rock the boat side to side. Not only does this provide memorable evenings and nights, but awe inspiring mornings watching the sun rise.

sleep under the stars in turkey
Image Credit : Chris Nunn

Unique experiences

Like any sailing or sea-based holiday, the weather and other elements can affect where you go and what you get to see on your trip. This might sound like a negative, but it’s actually a really unique part of the gulet experience.

With different sea conditions and weather, the captains of the gulets identify different bays and coves to sleep in and visit during your stay, giving you the chance to see different locations and views that others who have booked a similar holiday will never get to see.

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Author Bio: Chris Nunn is a travel and lifestyle blogger from London, he enjoys exploring different ways of travelling through group tours and on his own solo adventure. You can read his work at ChrisDid.com.

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