The Importance of Accessible Transport for Wheelchair Users

The Importance of Accessible Transport for Wheelchair Users

Not too long ago, those with disabilities had very few options when it came to mobility. However, in the past decade, huge strides have been made to make transportation more accessible for disabled users.

Now, wheelchair users have a lot of options available to them and improvements continue to be made within the industry. Here, we will look at the importance of accessible transport for wheelchair users and what options are currently available.

Why is accessible transport important for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users, deserve the right to independence. However, without accessible transportation, they are forced to rely on friends and family.

The introduction of wheel-chair friendly transportation has meant that those with disabilities can lead a much more independent life. Having access to transportation can also boost confidence for wheelchair users. It provides them with a better quality of life.

What transportation options do wheelchair users have?

So, what options do wheelchair users have in terms of accessible transportation? Well, public transportation has improved dramatically in recent years. Buses, taxis and trains have all made steps to ensure they are disabled friendly. This includes the installation of wheelchair ramps, alongside wheelchair-friendly seating.

However, not all public transportation has the same level of disability-friendly features. Black cabs in London for example, all come with wheelchair access. Other types of cabs on the other hand won’t necessarily have wheelchair access available.

As well as public transportation, wheelchair users can also opt for private vehicles. There are a lot of wheelchair adapted vehicles available, allowing those in a wheelchair to continue driving.

The benefits of wheelchair accessible vehicles

Private wheelchair friendly transportation is a much better option than public transportation. It’s more convenient, private and there are grants available from the government which can help fund the vehicle you need.

You’ll find a lot of great wheelchair accessible vehicles through Allied Fleet. They come with a variety of features such as ramps, modified drivers’ seats and additional space in the back. They can also be customised to fit your exact needs.

Another benefit of these vehicles is that the wheelchair user won’t necessarily need to move out of their wheelchair. This is great for those who suffer pain when moving in and out of their chair.

Overall, wheelchair friendly transportation has come a long way over the past decade. It can really help those confined to a wheelchair, a lot more independent. While public transportation does largely cater to wheelchair users, it’s a much better option to invest in privately owned wheelchair friendly vehicles.





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