52a Hair and Beauty : Massage in Hanham Bristol

52a Hair and Beauty : Massage in Hanham Bristol

I love a bargain and on Groupon I saw a massage and facial at 52a Hair and Beauty in Hanham, Bristol. This is only about 5 minutes from my house and as I love trying new treatments I decided to have a little treat.

52a hair and beauty

I had the massage first which was a 20 minute back massage. I asked for medium pressure I said I dont want it to hurt and actually a little bit too much pressure was applied as my eyes were watering at one point. I could have said something and I think she would have then applied less pressure but I could feel she was getting some knots out of my shoulders so I bared with it. In fact in true british style when asked if the pressure was OK I said yes LOL.

The next day it felt great so a little pain is worth it. However the room was quite cold and the oil used was also cold and I was shivering which isn’t good when you are having a massage so I think they just need to heat the room up a little but apart form this I would recommend having a massage at this shop in Hanham.

I dont often have a facial but my face is suffering at the moment with cold weather and Chemotherapy treatment so I thought a decent facial might do me some good. They used to great smelling products. I dont really know what was being used but my face did feel nice afterwards. Overall they used two creams then a thicker one, a scrub, a mask that was left on for a few minutes and then finished with some moisturiser. This lasted 20 minutes and I was slightly dissapointed when it finished as i was really enjoying it. My therapist was nice and gentle and it was really relaxing I would definitely go again if the price was right.

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