What to do in Bristol this Summer


What to do in Bristol this Summer

Living in Bristol I sometimes forget how Beautiful Bristol is and many cool things there are to do in the city. I was invited by Visit Bristol which manages the promotion of  Bristol tourist sites to visit Bristol attractions as part of their #Bristolinsummer campaign.

I have been to a lot of Bristol attractions but it was fun revisiting them as some of these activities have different events on throughout the year and also they are updating the exhibitions and attractions all the time.

I visited SS Great Britain many years ago and it has improved so much which is why it is the number 1 attraction in Bristol.

One of the places that I was surprised about was Bristol Aerospace. I knew it was the home of Concorde and being a avid traveller I am interested in plane but seeing the Concord and actually getting to go onboard was a lot more interesting than I thought so I would recommend visiting Bristol Aerospace if you have a interest in aviation or just want to have a nosey at how the rich and famous used to travel.

Bristol Aquarium

Standard adult price £16.50. disabled ticket with free carer £16.50.

Open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm

Bristol Aquarium has got some cool events and talks throughout the summer about Coral Reefs and Seahorses and plenty more check their website for the latest information. Read more about my visit here and see some of the colourful marine life including a very interesting giant octopus.

colourful fish at bristol aquarium

M Shed

Opening times Tue/Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm

Free entry

The M Shed tells the story of Bristol. It has many different events throughout the year so it is worth checking the website to see what is on. One of the best free attractions in Bristol.

Aerospace Bristol

Standard adult price £16.50. disabled ticket with free carer £16.50

Open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm

As I mentioned previously I enjoyed visiting Aerospace Bristol to see Concord and the other aviation exhibitions. I love history and seeing the revolution of how air travel and progressed is really cool. 

The exhibitions are in big hangers making it literally a cool place to visit on a hot summers day. I visited during a heatwave and it was nice and cool to get out of the heat of the sun. If you want to find out more about my visit to Aerospace Bristol you can read it here.

There is a café which is reasonably priced which had some delicious cakes and a souvenir shop.

concorde in bristol


Check web site for various opening times

The Arnolfini is the place to visit in Bristol if you have a interest in visual arts, performance, dance, film, music and events, and how they play a part in the city of Bristol. The Arnolfini also have many events going on throughout the year.  

Avon Valley Railway

Standard adult price £8.50

Please check web site for time of opening

This was my first visit to Avon Valley Railway which is surprising as I love steam trains and I always try and go on one when I am travelling but for some reason I have just never got around to visiting this railway which is minutes from where I live. 

I went on the steam train it is only a hours round trip but it was lots of fun and it was nice to see some of the countryside so close to my home that I often forget about. The railway also has a diesel train so it is important to check the website for schedule to make sure the train you want is running as they only run certain days of the year.

I really enjoyed it and if you like trains it is a lovely day trip for families in Bristol or even if you are a local and have never been you can pop over for a couple of hours and see some of the Bristol countryside on the short train ride.

avon valley railway

Underfall Yard

Boatyard daily: 7.30am to 9.30pm

Visitor centre: Tues/Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm

The Underfall Yard is a interesting place to visit to find out about the floating harbour in Bristol through hand on displays.

I have visited and it is a great place to get stunning views over the harbour especially on a summers evening when I was there I sat outside with a organic beer from their café and watched the local paddle boarders. 

Wild Place Project

Standard price £12.50 disabled ticket with free carer £12.50

Open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm

The Wild Place Project is a fun family attraction on the outskirts of the city and is accessible by bycycle car and bus. If you would like to see more about what I got up to when I visited the Wild Place project then check out my article on my visit. 

The Wild Place is a great place to see some wildlife. I admit they do not have a vast amount of different animals but it was interesting to see what they did have and if you like Giraffes then it is the place to visit in Bristol to see two of these magnificent animals.

The also have Zebra, Elands and Cheetahs and you can do a nature trial making it a great place to visit on a sunny day in Bristol.

climbing adventures in bristol

The Matthew

Free of charge

Do check the web site for main events some amazing things for this summer

I have not been on The Matthew but have often walked past it and seen it sailing when I have been visiting Bristol harbourside. The ship is a modern reconstruction of the original Matthew that John Cabot sailed to Newfoundland in 1497, I always thought it was the original but thinking about it that would be one old ship to still be in good nick and sailing.

You can find out more about the history of the ship on its website or by actually visiting The Matthew and it is a interesting part of Bristol history. It is lovely when you are sat on the harbourside and see The Matthew sail by, one day I will get around to having a ride on the ship.

We Are Curious

Ticket Prices (check website for more accurate times and prices) Adult from £14.50 Adult Concession £13.75 with free carer, Child from £9.40  Under 2’s free

Opening times 10am-5pm Monday to Friday during term time 10am-6pm weekends, bank holiday and British school holidays.

We are Curious is an educational science exhibition with lots of interaction in the We are curious science museum. We are curious teaches you about sound, biology and space. The Bristol attraction has an arty bit, where there are lots to do, with things from the creators of Wallace & Gromit.

You can read more about my visit here. If you are looking for something to do in Bristol where you can learn and explore then I do recommend We Are Curious I have been a few times and each time I learn something new. I love the Planetarium where you can see what it is like in space right above Bristol. 

things to do in we are curious in bristol


The Red Lodge Museum

Free Entry open Monday Tuesday and Saturdays

The Red Lodge Museum in Bristol has over 400 years of history. The Red Lodge Museum on Park Row includes a room which was once the first school in England to educate girls. 

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Summer opening times 10.00am to 6.00pm

Standard price £17.00 disabled ticket with carer £17.00

Check web site for more information/parking there is a discount available for day visitors.

You can read more about my past visit to The SS Great Britain here. I have been a number of times and every time I go it is a different experience.

The SS Great Britain always has cool events throughout the year and this summer is no exception with the New Invisible circus show that is taking place Saturday 20th July – Sunday 1st September 2019.

This summer, visitors to the SS Great Britain will be wowed by astonishing acrobatic displays and death-defying aerial feats as the Invisible Circus climbs aboard.

Inspired by real-life stories of passengers and crew on board Brunel’s historic SS Great Britain in Bristol,  the acclaimed circus company has created a special show as part of the ship’s Summer Spectacular. Three pop-up performances will take place throughout the day from Saturday 20th July to Sunday 1st September as the acclaimed circus company brings the famous ship and dockyard to life in breath-taking style.

Beginning with naturalistic scenes of passengers, dock workers and sailors preparing for voyage, performers will emerge from the site among the visitors, building their performance to deliver a true circus spectacular. 

Highly skilled aerial artists will fling themselves from the rigging, spiral down from the crow’s nest to the deck, perform acrobatic displays on mountains of luggage and juggle everything from ropes and shipping crates to trunks and suitcases.

Devised and performed by some of the UK’s leading circus artists, the real-life animations will begin with historically accurate portrayals such as dock workers loading cargo or sailors singing sea shanties before morphing into a spectacular theatrical experience.

The launch of the Invisible Circus summer show at the ss Great Britain, 11 July 2019

The launch of the Invisible Circus summer show at the SS Great Britain, 11 July 2019


Bristol Zoo

Open Daily Standard Adult £15.45 Concession £13.64 and a free carer ticket for disabled.

Bristol Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the world and since then has helped over 175 species from extinction including one of the most poisonous animals on Earth, the golden poison frog.

The zoo holds cool events throughout the year so it is worth checking the website to see what they have on. My favourite animal at Bristol zoo is the Pygmy Hippos

Bristol Botanic Garden

Adults – £6.60

Various tours and talks available for more information

Opening hours : June to October Everyday 10am to 4.30pm November to March Weekdays 10am to 4pm

I visited Bristol Botanic Gardens last year during a bee campaign and found out so much about bees that I didn’t know, it was really interesting.

The gardens are lovely to walk around and smell and see the different flowers and plants. The Chinese herb garden was also interesting to walk around as I am into holistic treatments and to find out how natural herbs an help with ailments was something I liked.

You can read more about my visit here

Accessible information : The Garden is largely accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters with a designated path leading around the Garden and glasshouses. Disabled toilet facilities are available on site. Only registered disability assistance dogs are permitted in the Garden.

bristol botanic garden

Avon Valley County Park 

Avon Valley Country Park is best to get to by car there are some buses that go close by but may involve a bit of a walk depending where you are coming from. I live close but when I didn’t have access to a car I could not visit.

The park has different events throughout the year so it is best checking out the website to see what is going on but due to the outdoor space it is a great place to visit in Bristol during the summer especially if the weather is nice I would recommend taking a picnic.

There are a few farm animals you can pet and a beautiful river you can walk along. You can read more about my visit here. If you are interested in being scared at Halloween they also hold a fear event for adults which is pretty scary. 

avon valley country park


Arnos Vale Cemetery

Visit the website to find out about events taking place. 

It might seem strange to visit a cemetery but this one in Bristol is so beautiful. The trees and plants make it such a wonderful place to stroll through on summers evening. They also have tours which tells you stories about some of its residents which I went on and it was fascinating to learn about some Bristol History. Read more about the Murder and Mayhem tour I went on.

anos vale cemetery in bristol

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  3. I have to get to Great Britain FIRST, but then straight to the aquarium for me… and any and all local museums as well.

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