Aerospace Bristol : Home to Concorde

Aerospace Bristol : Home to Concorde

I didn’t realise until I visited Bristol Aerospace that every British Concorde made their maiden flight from Filton Airfield in Bristol and now you can visit Concorde Alpha Foxtrot at Aerospace Bristol. She was designed, built and tested in Bristol, and was the final Concorde to be built and the last to fly. There is a big car park with plenty of spaces and disabled spaces near the entrance.

bristol aerospace

The entrance ticket is like a flight boarding ticket and you can stamp it at various parts of the exhibition.

tickets for bristol aerospace

I love travelling and I love finding out about history of the planes that help get me around the world. They has information about other modes of transport in Bristol.

visiting aerospace bristol

There is a lot of aviation information at Bristol Aerospace. I liked to see how plane travel has changed over the years. 

aviation history in bristol

It was interesting to see the hold space of a air craft I am not sure if this is how it looks now but I was surprised again at how small it was I expected the hold to be so someone could stand up straight.

exhibtions at bristol aerospace

The displays are in big hangers we visited on a really hot day and it was nice and cool inside. It was all flat, so it was accessible, there was a lift to get up to the level to access Concorde and there were support staff avaialbe if you needed help.

inside a cockpit at bristol aerospace

I was never lucky enough to go on Concorde, but it was fascinating to go on board now and see how the rich and famous used to fly. I was surprised at how small the seats were for the price they charged but I guess if I was sipping champagne whilst getting quickly to my destination I wouldn’t really care.

concorde in bristol

seats on the concorde

Look at all the dials and switches in the cockpit of Concorde it looks like it was a very complicated aircraft to fly.

concorde cockpit

It was not that busy when we visited, staff came on the Concorde with us and it did make me feel a little uncomfortable as it is only a small space but I think they were making sure we didn’t try and touch anything or sit in the seats which I probably would have tried to do if no one was there. 

concorde in bristol

I loved seeing some scribbles made by famous people who I imagine to have flown on Concorde I did get a little excited when I saw one by Phil Collins who is one of my favourites. 

phil collins drawing at bristol aerospace

There is a café where we had a refreshing drink and they had delicious looking cakes it wasn’t that expensive.

cafe at bristol aerospace
phil collin drawing at bristol aerospace

There was also a souvenir shop, I remember when I was a child and visiting attractions like this, I used to always buy a pencil for school, and I used to always loose it within a week or two.


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