Ashes Jewellery : Memorial Jewellery and Keepsakes when you lose a loved one

memorial jewellery made from ashes or hair

Ashes Jewellery

It is heartbreaking to lose a loved one. Some people get a comfort out of having items so they can remember.

Options for Memorial keepsakes

You can remember a lost loved one in many ways I know if I smell a certain scent it reminds me of my dad. A lovely option is to have a memorial keepsake to remember that person. Maybe a plaques put on bench at their loved ones favourite place or plant a tree in memory of someone. You can even send their ashes off into space so everytime you look up at the sky you will think of them.

You can also have keepsakes made that you can carry around on a daily basis.

keepsake bracelet made from hair of loved one
Memorial Jewellery

It doesn’t stop at people though as you can also get pet ashes made into keepsakes.

Before my dad passed away I didn’t even know you could get jewellery made with ashes or hair. I had heard you could make ashes into diamonds but these cost thousands of pounds.

Then I saw there were cheaper options on the market and it is a lovely memento. I have my dads ashes in a pendant and I wear it everywhere, it makes him still feel close to me and it is also a comfort. When I start feeling upset or anxious I rub my necklace it is like a stress reliever for me.

memorial ring
Ashes Jewellery31

Everyone has different tastes and of course it is something I can not make whilst I am still alive so I have decided to leave my loved ones vouchers so they can choose the design that they like. I have left instructions with my mum on who will receive one so she can make sure that it is arranged.

ashes made into resin earrings
Ashes earrings

Reaction to my ashes jewellery

Now this might seem like quite a morbid thing to do but I personally love it, I love having my dad close to me. I have also had my nanas thumb imprinted onto a charm on a bracelet which all the grandchildren got and again I cherish this so much.

I often have people ask me what the gem is around my neck and when I explain it is my dads ashes sometimes I do get a shocked expression in return but generally I get people asking if they can have a closer look.

On a more personal level since I have a terminal illness I have also been thinking about gifts I can leave my loved ones. I am being cremated and I have already discussed with my best friend for her to have my ashes in a charm and she will take me on her future travels so I can continue to travel the world.

Types of ashes jewellery you can buy

When my dad pasted away there were only a limited amount of companies offering to put ashes into jewellery and I didnt know anyone else that had had it done. But now there are many companies offering this service and lots of my friends have a piece of jewellery to remember their lost loved one so it is becoming more popular.

You can also get designs that are not as prominent so people will never tell they are ashes. I love the idea of hair imprinted into jewellery as well. Or you can even have a charm where you carry some of the ashes around. There are so many options now and a lot of my friends have had loved ones made into jewellery, it makes you wonder what else they will think of in the future. 

angel charm with ashes inside
Ashes locket

There are so many designs now that you can now choose from. Apart from necklaces you can get rings, bracelets and even Christmas tree decorations which I think is a wonderful idea to have loved ones still close at Christmas time.

I collect decorations from my travels to put on the tree and now I am also wanting to get my dads ashes made into an angel decoration.

christmas tree decoration made from ashes
Ashes Keepsakes

Have you had your loved ones made into a keepsake I would love to see the design please share.

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