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Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – The Travel Sisters

Matilda of The Travel Sisters has traveled to over 40 countries and all 7 continents. On her blog, The Travel Sisters which she writes with her sister, she shares tales and tips from her travels and as well as travel hacking by earning miles and points. Some of Matilda’s many favorite travel memories include fulfilling her childhood dream of visiting Antarctica, trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda and sandboarding in Namibia. You can follow The Travel sisters on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?
For many years, my sister and I talked about starting a blog chronicling our travels. We are obsessive about planning and research and often found useful tips on other travel blogs. We figured sharing our tips and tricks might be useful to someone else. Full-time jobs got in the way for a long time but we finally started blogging in 2014.

Fav destination and why?
Hmm, I have many favorites but one place I keep going back to is Tokyo. I love its quirkiness, orderliness and especially the people. Read about my trip here 

Blogging tip
Write what you are passionate about but also think of how you can differentiate yourself from other bloggers. Good writing is important but good photography helps as well. While I do enjoy blogging, launching and writing a travel blog takes more time than you’d think.

Dream trip
I would really like to go back to Antarctica. It was truly a dream trip the first time but it flew by way too fast.

Pet peeve about travelling

I don’t really have one – I am just grateful I get to travel.

getting to know a travel blogger
Flying United Global First Class

Favourite travel blogger

I enjoy reading many travel bloggers but if I absolutely had to choose only one it would be Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere. Not only is he an amazing photographer who has traveled to over 180 countries and every continent but he comes across as a humble, curious wanderer who immerses himself in a destination.

Thank you to Matilda for answering the questions in my getting to know a travel blogger series. If you like this please share and pin for future reference. If you are a travel blogger and would like to feature in this series please get in contact.

Getting to know a travel blogger

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