Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series : Go Beyond Bounds

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series : Go Beyond Bounds

Rashmi and Chalukya are couple-travel bloggers traveling as a family with their 3-year-old daughter who joined their travel trails at the age of 6 months. Together they have explored most of Europe and Asia. Travel for us a respite from monotonous life, a yearning to learn different cultures and explore the unexplored. Their blog is Go Beyond Bounds

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getting to know a travel blogger

What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

Our blog Gobeyondbounds recently completed a year. Trekking and exploring the places in around Mumbai came as a great respite from monotonous 9 to 6 jobs. This, in turn, kindled our wanderlust to explore more places and we started exploring India.

Soon after we were blessed with a baby we got an opportunity to travel to Switzerland for a job and we took this opportunity to explore Europe. Our family and friends were inspired by our travel trails and to answer their queries and to share our experiences we started jotting down our travelogues on the blog. This is how our blog was born. After I quit my job to enjoy motherhood blogging became my favorite pastime, which turned into a hobby.

Fav destination and why

Switzerland is hands down a piece of paradise on earth. Switzerland is teeming with surreal locations and medieval towns. We were based out of Geneva and would head to any random place in Switzerland for a day trip. Bernese Oberland in the Swiss capital Bern is one of the best places in Switzerland with a plenitude of picturesque locations, gorgeous lakes, quaint villages, cable car rides, chocolate, and cheese factories there is so much to explore in this fairy tale country

A very good frequency and connectivity of trains and buses in Switzerland make travel easy and comfortable. Reserved space for strollers in trains and buses and every tourist place equipped with clean baby changing rooms made traveling with kids much relaxed and stress-free.

Blogging Tip

Our blog is still young and we are learning a lot. Getting connected with your audience is very important along with destination guides we also share our experiences, tips, and learning. And to reach our audience optimizing our posts for SEO is very crucial which we have started working on.

Dream trip

A visit to Scandinavian countries is on top of the wish list. But a dream trip would be to Iceland. We are in awe of those stellar pictures and posts on Iceland. Everything about Iceland the landscapes, waterfalls and the wildlife leave us spellbound. And whenever we visit Iceland northern lights would be on the top of our list. 

Pet peeve about traveling

Irresponsible traveling: Traveling is not just about crossing out destinations from your bucket list and taking pictures, it’s about exploring new places and its culture and learning to respect them. We detest people who talk low and complain about the countries they visit. One cannot expect every country to be their home country; they had better stay home.

Favorite travel blogger

There are too many travel bloggers in whom we find inspiration. Every blogger has their own style of writing and expressing their experiences. Mapping Megan is one whom we look to inspiration for being an established travel blogger. She is down to earth and very open about her way of work.

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