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teacake travel blog interview

Getting to know a travel blogger

This week I am getting to know Alice from Teacake Travels. I have actually been following Teacake Travels since I started blogging. I love her honest opinions about the places that she visits.

Getting to Know Alice 

Hi I’m Alice! I’m brave enough to say I’m pretty kickass. I believe in women facing their fears and pushing their boundaries to reach their full potential through solo adventure travel! If you need the inspiration and strength to go travel the world solo, come say hello on Teacake Travels. You’ll be ready to go forth and challenge yourself to reach your own personal goals in no time

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teacake travels interview

1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I always fancied unashamedly sharing my snippets of life lessons and weird experiences…but it remained a thought for a long time. I used to be a psychologist. Then I was an English Teacher. It wasn’t until the month of January 2015, that a friend asked me to write about my experiences teaching English in China. I said yes. Once that piece was written she asked where the hell my blog was. I guess the cosmos was telling me to get on with it. I started Teacake Travels and have been addicted to blogging ever since.

2. Fav destination and why?

This is tough to answer! Every country I have been to has shown me something different and taught me something very special. I know some travellers really care about how many countries they’ve been to and where they visit, but I will generally pick countries at random. I believe that wherever I go, I will learn something new. That is the core of my travel purpose. To live, learn, understand and become a better person through challenging myself. My favourite destination for a good old challenge has to be Bangladesh. Many people don’t go there and many people don’t see Western women going there…so naturally I had to go.

getting to know a travel blogger

3. Blogging tip

Blogging has so many different elements to it. It can quickly become overwhelming…especially if you decide blogging is going to be your business. Not only do you have to be a good writer, you also need to take lovely photos, maintain yourself across many social media channels and know how to do business with brands. You need to be a whizz at SEO (search engine optimisation), learn how to make video and always have your head above the sand to keep up with current trends. No matter how deep you get into it, always remember your passion for travel and storytelling (if that is the case!) and stay true to why you started all of this in the first place. That’s what I’ve personally learnt.

4. Dream trip

A time machine which took me back to the Roman Times, Victorian Times…and Angkor Wat before all the tourists came. Steven Spielberg managed it with Doc Brown. Technology is on a roll these days. Who knows what will be possible in 50 years time?

5. Pet peeve about travelling

I honestly don’t think anything bugs me. I relish in the difficult times just as much as the adventurous ones. Travel is about embracing the whole experience and mindfully opening up to what each situation is teaching you. If I really had to pick one…it’s seeing other travellers’ complain about something hilarious. e.g. ‘No love…you can’t not eat curry. You’re in India’.

6. Favourite travel blogger

Argh I have so many! Travel Bloggers who have their own voice and show their real selves always win my vote. I’m going to go on a complete tangent though and recommend a lady who approaches travel from another unique angle. Check out Donna from Haute Culture.

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