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Getting to know a Travel Blogger’

Tiki Touring Kiwi

Jub is a typical kiwi with a relaxed attitude who goes with the flow while trying to speak in a accent people can understand. He has been blogging since 2015 and has found what he loves to blog about most. Anything related to sports and adventure in destinations around the world as both a spectator and participant. He also like cats.

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I discovered blogging while I was waiting for my Canadian working visa to be approved in 2013. I was in Chiang Mai at the time and registered my domain but didn’t start blogging consistently until December 2015 when again, I was back in Chiang Mai and started to get to know more travel bloggers. I’ve been blogging regularly since and as much as it can be frustrating, it is rewarding and fun most days.

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Fav destination and why?

Fav destination. This isn’t a great question as many destinations could be considered favourites depending on context.

Fav destination I wish to explore more? Poland! I originally thought Poland was a barren wasteland but it turns out Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice and Zakopane are all awesome! Poland has a bit of everything, mountains, forest, cities, lakes and beaches. I can’t wait to explore more this summer, especially the domestic tourist haven Zakopane.

What to do in Zakopane

Fav destination that surprised me in the last year? I would have to say Nepal which was a recent trip. I assumed there wouldn’t be much to do in the country as I wasn’t hiking but it turns out you can do lots in Nepal from bungy jump, go on a safari, visit some cool temples and see where Buddha was born.

Fav destination to live? Right now, I have to say Chiang Mai. There’s always plenty to do but best of all is I can get an apartment, scooter, sim card and food at my favourite restaurant within a few hours of landing.

Fav destination for a road trip? New Zealand! I might be slightly bias but I can’t argue with the landscapes and it doesn’t take forever to get from A to B. I even wrote a post compiling road trip itineraries for road tripping around New Zealand.

New Zealand road trip itineraries

Fav destination for cats? So far Istanbul! But Pulau Weh on the north tip of Sumatra also has a high cat population who are happy to hang out with you.

Blogging tip

Don’t worry about your niche when you get started (if this is your first blog). When you start blogging, you’ll find some people saying you need to choose a niche right away.

I say this as you soon button hole yourself into the topic you chose. You’ll figure out your niche in due course, you might even realise you’re your niche is you! Which is awesome because then you’re free to pursue anything that interests you (in theory).

Personally I took too long to realise what my niche should be (scared of making decisions!). It’s going to be about sports I discover around the world while travelling but am happy I wrote about my travels in general for 18+ months.

Dream trip

My dream trip would have to be on tour overseas with the All Blacks. I’ve yet to see an All Blacks game live (bad kiwi), but would love to spend a week inside the camp. The All Blacks are one of the best sporting teams on the planet and have an aura about them.

It’d be great to see how they adapt to a new climate and enjoying there day off playing some golf?

And then of course the ultimate way to experience a culture in my opinion, getting amongst the locals before, during and after game day with the locals.

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Pet peeve about travelling

Bad questions. This has come up more recently both in person and Facebook. People ask questions like ‘I’m going to Melbourne, what should I do?’

The reason this annoys me is because travel is different for everyone. I really like sports, so if someone asked me what to do in Melbourne, I’d say go on a guided tour of the MCG.

But that is a silly answer to someone who isn’t interested in sports or guided tours, right?

A better question would be: I’m heading to Melbourne for three days and would like to know the best places for lunch are in and around the CBD? P.s. Cheaper the better.

In this case, I would suggest Lentils As Anything in St. Kilda because they have great food, with an interesting business model that you don’t often see.

With the question rephrased to be slightly more specific I don’t have to make any assumptions and can give an awesome recommendation. A great feeling

Favourite travel blogger

I’ve been fortunate to meet well over 50+ travel bloggers, most are awesome and I consider to be friends. I like how travel bloggers are on the move, so there’s a good chance one will be wherever you are in the world a blogger will be coming by soon.

In saying that, I have to say right now Stefania from EverySteph as I’m staying with her in Barcelona for the month of June! She’s an eco luxury travel blogger from Italy who I met in Philippines and we met up in Nepal for conference last month.

The blogging space can get confusing when you try to remember where people are from, where you first met and where you’ll meet next.

If you like this please share and pin for future reference. If you are a travel blogger and would like to feature in this series please get in contact

Getting to know a Travel blogger : Interview with Tiki Touring Kiwi

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