Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – The Fit Traveller

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – The Fit Traveller

Skye Gilkeson is the founder and editor-in-chief of online wellness, adventure and luxury travel destination, The Fit Traveller. Skye is an award-winning journalist and a former personal trainer with an incurable case of wanderlust. Skye threw in her 9 to 5 job in 2015 to begin travelling full time for The Fit Traveller. Skye and her team craft their content from first-hand experience, beautiful storytelling and inspiring imagery.

new canada
New Canada

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What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I have been a journalist for many years. While I was doing some field producing I had been itching to travel more as that has always been my first love. So, I now get to run my own business/production company, tell beautiful stories the way I have always wanted to, create each day and challenge myself consistently. I launched The Fit Traveller back in 2014, left my job with a network in 2015, began travelling full time and I haven’t looked back.

Fav destination and why?

I don’t have a single favourite destination. My husband and I took an incredible trip to Canada last year so that was a pretty special time. I’d been travelling solo for most of the year so it was lovey to spend time travelling with him again and we got to spend most of the trip in the outdoors exploring the Rockies which is exactly what I needed. 

I also spent a lot of time in Asia last year, particularly lesser known parts of Indonesia and that was really interesting and a lot of fun.

Padar Island, Indonesia
Padar Island, Indonesia

Blogging tip

Clue up on the technical necessities from the get go. Amazing content is not enough, especially if no one ever discovers it.

Dream trip

Antarctica and Greenland are both way up on my list at the moment. I think the isolation and the untouched beauty really attract me to both and I would love to give my camera a work out in some new beautiful landscapes.

Pet peeve about travelling

Ignorance shown by tourists is something that I find frustrating. I’m all about respecting each culture, country and community that I travel to and seeing others disregard that absolutely tests my patience.

Favourite travel blogger

I don’t have a favourite actually. I couldn’t choose just one but I have become close to some great bloggers since joining this community. Kerri from Beer and Croissants and Sarah from Fit Travels are two bloggers I really respect and often bounce ideas off which is invaluable to have in this industry

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