Getting to know a Travel Blogger : Glorious Sunrise

getting to know a travel blogger

Getting to know a travel blogger : Glorious Sunrise

Priyadarshini Rajendran from Glorious Sunrise is a passionate traveler with an unquenchable thirst for new places and loves documenting her travels. As a gold medalist from her university in Mechanical Engineering, she worked for a global software giant for more than 8 years before leaving it to take up full-time writing. Her books available on Amazon are consistently in the top 100 in the relevant categories.

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1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

My love for writing grew dramatically to new heights when my baby girl was born in 2014. I took break from work and started writing and never stopped. Before that I used to write, but not on blogs. I wrote articles for newspapers, travel magazines and short stories before, but not continuously earlier. 

2. Fav destination and why? 

Sydney is my most favourite destination as it was the first foreign trip I made and I just loved everything about this vibrant city. My solo travel days here are some of the best! Read about top things to do in Sydney

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3. Blogging tip

I always stress the importance of content upgrades to my blogging buddies. It is very useful to readers if one provides links to relevant posts in the articles and it also helps with high engagement rates.

4. Dream trip

My dream trip is a month-long vacation in Ireland and Scotland. I never get enough of the natural beauty that is bountiful in these places.

5. Pet peeve about travelling

I get irritated with travellers who cannot understand that babies are really stressed during travel and so behave like a child. I find that they are behaving like kids actually 😀

6. Favourite travel blogger

My favourite travel blogger is Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad.

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Getting to know a travel blogger



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