Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series : The Foodie Miles

The Foode Miles feature

Getting to know a Travel Blogger Series – The Foodie Miles

Yulia Dyukova is a Russian food and travel blogger who is currently based in Austin, Texas. She is the kind of person who starts a research of the new country by googling “what to eat in…” instead of “what to visit in…” She will spend hours reading on the origins of pecan pie before trying it and she doesn’t consider waiting in line of 50 people to get a cronut a waste of time. She finds it hard to keep her delicious findings to herself and that is the reason why her blog exists.

The Foodie Miles is a collection of food stories from around the world. From having breakfast with cowboys in rural Texas to learning how to extract coconut milk in Sri Lanka to drinking cocktails at the ice bar in Canada, the blog describes the most iconic, unusual and simply delicious dishes I try during my travels as well as at home, in Austin, TX.

the foodie miles interview

What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

My blog happens to be on the cross roads of everything I love to do: traveling, eating and writing. A few years ago, when I lived in Sri Lanka, I had a home-based bakery and sold my cakes, cookies and cupcakes at the farmer’s market in Colombo. After a year of spending 12 hours per day in the kitchen I felt burnt out and as uninspired as one might be. An unexpected move to United States came at the right time. I still dreamed about working with food but was looking for a different angle. One time, while watching Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain, I jokingly thought to myself: how does one land a job like that? Traveling the world and eating – I would love to do that! So I did. On a much smaller scale, of course. But that’s how the idea for the Foodie Miles was born.

the foodie miles interview

Fav destination and why?

If I had to choose one, I would say Sri Lanka, because I spent three years of my life on this beautiful island and got to know it on a much more personal and deeper level than any other country. I love it endlessly for the kind warm people I’ve met, for delicious rice and curry I’ve eaten and for the most gorgeous nature that doesn’t cease to blow your mind.

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Blogging tip

Do it for yourself. Even if your ultimate goal is to turn your blog into business and earn money, find a reason why blogging is important for you personally. It might take years before the blog will become your main source of income and you’ll be able to quit your day job. Meanwhile you’ll need constant motivation to keep going. For me, it was the love of food and curiosity to learn more about the history and culture of countries through their cuisines. Having a blog pushes me to do a thorough research of the iconic dishes I must try in a new destination, find the best restaurants and meet the most talented chefs. So even if the only people who read my new blog post are my mom and granny, I will be happy that in the course of researching and writing I myself have learned something new.

Dream trip

Slow traveling and slow eating around Italy. I would love to spend several months exploring diverse regional cuisines of this beautiful country: eating pizza Margherita in Napoli, learning how to make fresh pasta from Italian grandmas and drinking all the wine I can handle.

the foodie miles interview
Taco Deli

Pet peeve about travelling

People who eat in chain restaurants during travels. I am not talking about long-term traveling when you miss food from home and head to McDonald’s for a good old burger. But refusing to try local dishes when you have only a few days/weeks in a new destination is a sin, in my opinion.

Favorite travel blogger

Geraldine DeRuiter from the Everywhereist because of her brilliant witty writing and amazing sense of humor.

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