Getting to know a Travel Blogger series : My Adventures across the World

Getting to know a travel blogger series : My Adventures across the world

This week we are getting to know Claudia from My Adventures across the world. She is a former human rights lawyer who abandoned a career in academia to follow a life of travels. Her aim is to inspire people to travel more and travel smartly. Claudia enjoys hiking, adventure and hidden corners. 

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Getting to know a travel blogger

1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I have always enjoyed writing about my travels, and I’d regularly keep a diary of my trip with I occasionally shared online with Italian travel communities. That’s until I went to Cuba, and it was not as I had expected it to be based on the descriptions everyone gave. I wanted to give my own, unfiltered version of the country and decided I’d better do it on my own platform, where nobody would try to shut me up. It was March 2013 and the last thing I wanted was to become a professional travel blotter!

getting to know a travel blogger
Conquering Poon Hill

2. Fav destination and why?

I love India! It is so full of colour, so full of life, its culture is so unique. It’s chaos yet peace!  See my article best places to visit in India

3. Blogging tip

Before you even start wondering how to make money blogging, make everything possible to become a better blogger: write engaging stories, with a unique angle; be passionate about what you do! 

4. Dream trip

Tanzania, so that I could go on a safari and then hike the Kilimanjaro! 

5. Pet peeve about travelling

I can’t stand tourists who don’t respect the country their visiting and its culture. 

6. Favourite travel blogger

I love Margherita Ragg, of The Crowded Planet. She is a fantastic writer, an intelligent woman, and a great friend. 

Thank you to Claudia for answering these questions. If you would like to be featured in this Getting to Know a Travel Blogger series please get in contact.

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