Safety Guide For Solo Female Travellers

solo female travel tips

Safety Guide For Solo Female Travellers

Travelling solo can be a life changing experience. Not only does it make you more confident but you also become more responsible as well as resilient because you are on your own.

While this applies to men and women alike, women in particular need to be slightly more careful while they are on a solo trip. 

solo female travel safety tips
Solo female travel safety tips

Be Less Flashy

You are not really moving mountains here, but a sense of carefulness can help you a long way. We have received a lot of queries from women who plan to travel solo regarding their safety. So in this article, we are going to share with you some important safety travel tips for solo female travellers.

While everybody is entitled to dress as they want, dressing appropriately can save you from any uncalled hindrance. For example, if you are in a middle Eastern country which is humid you could surely wear sleeveless or shorts but if you are visiting a holy place it is advisable that you follow a certain dress code.  

On the hindsight, it is also culturally more appealing. Don’t you agree? Another thing to remember is that, you should flaunt too much jewelry when you are on your own on the streets. You really do not need the shines of rings and other jewelry when you are travelling. So yeah, keep it cool and simple and most importantly comfortable.

Be Aware 

Putting your earphones on while you are wandering on a street alone has two negative implications. One, you won’t realise what’s happening around you. Two, it gives a sign to a pickpocketer that you have a smartphone in your pocket. You wouldn’t want to put yourself in a situation like that. Check routeprints for more travel related guide and tips. 

Further, always ensure you do proper research about the place you are travelling to, the area you are going to put up in, and the homestay you will be residing in. This becomes even more crucial when you are travelling to a new place solo. 

Be informed about the people around, their culture, their food habits, so on and so forth. Read up news and be aware of any major problem that occurred in that area. You shouldn’t let yourself be scared of it, it is solely for the purpose of making yourself aware.

Walk Confidently

Not a lot of people will tell you this, but your posture, your body language, your gait and how you walk creates a first impression. You should keep your back straight and when you talk to someone ensure that you look straight into their eyes. 

Sometimes onlookers could stare at you, do not be afraid, keep your head held high and carry yourself on with confidence. As long as nobody gets physical or inches your proximity, you are to ignore them. 

If you are travelling after dark, stay close to families. In case you feel somebody is stalking you, head to the nearest cafeteria you can see and wait for the situation to be under control while also talking to someone who could help you out there. 

solo female travel tips
Walk confidentially

Keep Your Money Safe

You do not need to carry all the money with you on a day to day basis. For instance if you are going to the market for shopping create a budget and carry only the amount required. You could roll up the rest inside a tampon or a pouch or wherever you feel is safe. However do remember where you keep it. 

Even when you are in a cab keep your wallet close to you. Try not keeping your luggage in the trunk but in the backseat with you. So that, just in case there’s an emergency you can quickly jump out. 

keep your money and valuables safe when travelling
keep your money and valuables safe when travelling

Business Cards Are Important

Nobody really cares about business cards but they are important. Hypothetically speaking, if you are caught in a situation like, say, you lose direction or you cannot understand the language of your cab driver you can always show them the business card of the place you are staying in and they will drop you at your said location. 

Avoid Night Travels

If you are a woman travelling alone, avoid an overnight journey by car, bus or train. Make your travel plan in such a way that you reach your destination in broad daylight. There will be a sense of security and you will also save yourself time to comfortably rest or even plan the day out. 

Sole female safety tip : be wary when travelling at night
Sole female safety tip : be wary when travelling at night

Trust Your Instincts

While you are out on a new experience, you do not need to be suspicious of everybody around you. Every person you come across is not an opportunist thief or have malicious intentions up their sleeves. But when your gut feeling says something is wrong, back off.

It could be a person, a situation, or even the place you are staying in. This is why you should always keep some alternate options for lodging so that if ever a situation occurs where you do not feel safe, you know there are few more places you could choose to go to. 

Interact With Locals

Let’s reiterate, do not assume every person you meet is out to harm you. Mix travel with some fun. If it’s a new place, talk to locals, reach out to other travellers and hear their stories. You could even reach out to tour guides. 

When you talk with locals they will help you decide better where you could go and places you need to avoid. You could also befriend fellow couchsurfers who could company you in your travel plans and vice versa. It’s fun! 

A few drinks in the evening could sound like a jolly idea but do know your limits. The idea is to enjoy not to go wasted. You surely don’t want to get drunk and put yourself at risk in a foreign land. So be careful with the booze. 

Share Your Itinerary With Family/Friends

When you are a solo woman traveller, make sure that at least someone knows about your travel plans properly, whether it be a family member or a friend. You could mail them or share a copy. Also keep them informed if you tend to make any changes. You do not need to keep bugging your family every now and then but let them know you are safe and sound. 

We all need some solo time once a while. People travel solo looking out for peace and a space for themselves. Sometimes you want time alone to think and travelling solo gives you that space. This is the time when you can work on spiritual healing, talk to yourself, meditate, listen to yourself and leave the hustle bustle of your daily lives away for a while. 

More and more women are travelling solo today and just look at them, they come back happier, more confident and with more interesting stories to share. So go out there and make sure you have fun. But safety comes first, so always keep this safety travel guide in your mind. We hope it boosts your confidence as avid solo female travellers. 

Happy Travelling!

Sydney from routeprints blog

Author Bio : This guest post was written by Sydney from Routeprints I love traveling, beer and beaches. In 2019, I traveled more than 8 countries and I am sure many new tales going to add in 2020

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