Beautiful Bristol : locals tell us why the love living in Bristol

how pretty is bristol

Bristol – Is it one of the most beautiful cities in the UK?

I must admit being a travel blogger I always forget how great my home town is. Even when I am travelling and mention I live in Bristol people comment how much they love Bristol and it makes me realise how lucky I am to live in such a pretty city.

Each person I speak to about the city has a different thing in bristol that they love to see or do. I took this shot after being away for a few months and walking down the Harbour it made me realise that I actually live in a really lovely place.

how pretty is bristol

So who best to ask what it is like to live in Bristol than my wonderful friends from the Bristol Bloggers and influence group. I asked them why they loved Bristol and they shared with me their favourite photos of Bristol.

Bristol Bloggers share why they love Bristol

Giulia whose blog is Blocal Travel is an Italian blogger who briefly lived in Bristol, shares why she loves the city.

“I love Bristolians: they worship unicorns, live in pastel houses, fly on hot air balloons, spray-paint the city, grow veggies in their own allotments and are the most friendly and laid-back people I’ve ever met”.

why blocal travel loves bristol

Peter from Food to Die for live just outside of Bristol in Chipping Sodbury.

“I love Bristol and all it has to offer. Especially the abundance of food and drink on offer. Bristol has some really great local independent restaurants as well as some fabulous chain restaurants. There is something for everyone here. You can grab a panini down on the waterfront or grab yourself some authentic middle eastern street food at St Nicholas market. Venture a little further into town and you will find places like San Carlo, Bella Italia, Nando’s and Yo Sushi to name but a few. Bristol really is a foodies heaven. It caters for all tastes vegetarian, vegan and meat eaters. Fast food, buffet lunches, sit down meals you name it they have it.”

photos of bristol

Lisa from Fuss Free Foodie tells me

“Bristol has it all!…A beautiful harbour city, punctuated with natural green spaces and countryside; En pointe music and food scene and people that care and connect together….my spiritual home!” 

fuss free foodie photo for beautiful bristol

Alex from Gingey Bites says

I love Bristol for its diverse foodie culture and the support this city gives to start-ups and independent businesses. It’s like London without the crowds and there is always something new to eat and somewhere new to try, from street food traders to restaurants and pop-ups. I’ve made it my adopted home and will never leave!”

why gingey bites loves bristol

Heather from Heather on her travels explains

I moved to Bristol from London over 20 years ago and love the diversity of things to do here, and the fact that they are so easily accessible. There’s such a creative vibe and independent spirit in Bristol at the moment and the food scene is out of this world – it’s actually hard to get a bad meal, which I appreciate even more when I travel outside Bristol. I love showing visitors around my city and they are always surprised with how many cool things there are to see and do here”.

heather tells me why she loves living in bristol

Kaz from Ickle Pickles Life says

“What we love most about Bristol is it has absolutely everything you could want in a city – fantastic shopping centres, amazing restaurants and such beautiful areas – we love The Downs, the Harbourside area and just wandering through the streets. My parents visit at least three times a year in their touring caravan as they can walk in from the site. My daughter loves living there for the Uni itself, the eclectic mix of people and cultures and the music and nightlife scene.

is bristol the best city

Suzy from Rough Measures says

“I love Bristol because of the Food! I love having so many different cuisines on one road. I love the diversity: I feel free in Bristol”

suzy from rough mearues

Thank you to everyone for letting me share why you love living in Bristol. Do you live in Bristol or have you visited Bristol and taken a beautiful photo I would love to share it please contact me.

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beautful Bristol

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