Bulgaria Air : Budget airline review

air bulgaria flight

Bulgaria Air : Budget airline review

I used Bulgaria air for return flight from Heathrow to Sofia. Here is what I thought about the online booking process, communication and the actual flight.

air bulgaria flight

Booking tickets online was straight forward. I found the website easy to navigate, I understood the terms I was booking under and I was happy with the price as I had done my research and this was the cheapest flight option for me alongside British airways but the free sandwich swayed me to booking with Air Bulgaria.

I received my booking confirmation by email straight away and it was clear to understand the information on the confirmation. I knew I had to check in online 24hours before.

I didn’t get a reminder to do this but I had already put a reminder in my diary. It was also easy to check in online when I used my phone in Bulgaria. I have had problems checking in with other airlines on my phone before but this was easy.

When I checked in online 24 hours before departure I had been allocated a middle seat luckily there were still some seats left so I changed it at no extra cost. When at the airport I found Air Bulgaria check in desk easily, presented my passport and was given a boarding pass.

Boarding was hassle free and the aircraft left on time. I had the row of seats to myself but after take-off a passenger moved to the outer seat, but I still had plenty of room with no one in the middle seat. On the way home all three seats were taken as the flight was full and it was a little squashed, OK for a short haul as I didn’t get out of my seat and just went to sleep.

The plane was a bit dated and the drab grey colours made it look quite miserable. The plane was quite dirty the seat in front of me had a lock of dirt and the head rests were stained with grease from people’s heads I removed mine from the seat.

seats on air bulgaria
dirty seats on air bulgaria

The seats did recline slightly so even less leg room if the person in front decided to recline their seat which the passenger in front of me did and that left me with zero space when my tray was down luckily I didn’t need to have it down for long as it was a short haul flight managed to cope with the space but I would not like to be on this aircraft for much longer than I had to be.

I would use air Bulgaria again if the price was right but this is mainly due to the customer service on board and the extras you get such as a bottle of water when you board, a drink including wine or soft drinks, a smoked ham and cream cheese sandwich which was absolutely delicious and a tea or coffee and a large chocolate. In fact, I want to go back on board for the sandwich and chocolate.

water on air bulgaria
chocolate and tea on air bulgaria

I didn’t notice any duty free being sold but I did fall asleep so not sure if they passed through the cabin selling anything.

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