Everyman Cinema : Comfortable sofas to watch the movies

everyman cinema

Everyman Cinema : Comfortable sofas to watch the movies

I had a totally different experience visiting a Everyman Cinema during a recent trip to Leeds. It was recommended by the tourist board as a unique experience and it definitely was. I was really impressed and even happier when I found out there was a Everyman Cinema in Bristol my home town which I can not wait to visit. They currently have 22 cinemas in the UK I am definitely going to look out for these next time I am visiting a new destination.

everyman cinema in leeds

My experience in Leeds was wonderful as they made me feel so welcome not normally how you are greeted when visiting the cinema. There was an issue with the lift and as my mum was using a walking stick they got a member of staff to take us via the service lift which was a bit strange as we had to walk through a cinema screen whilst a movie was being shown but the member of staff did it with the least disruption to anyone.

seating in the everyman cinema

Everyman Cinemas are playing the latest movies. The cinema is decorated with lots of old movies posters it doesnt feel like a chain cinema. It was bright and airy and I just loved everything about it.

decor at everyman cinema

Then the bar just has a different atmosphere. Unfortunately it doesnt have as many sweet options as a bigger cinema but they did have a few including chocolate buttons so I was OK.

bar at everyman cinema

They also have food on offer which smelt and looked delicious, it was reasonable priced and I was so jealous when a couple had some burgers and beer brought into the cinema to enjoy whilst they were watching the film.

It has to be one of the most comfortable cinemas I have ever visited. I admit I dont go to the cinema that often so maybe a lot of them are like this these days. I do love visiting cinema’s when I am travelling for some reason it is like my little treat especially when traveling in the USA I always factor in a visit to a movie during my trip. In the movie screen they had single chairs and couple sofas which was so cool.

everyman theatre in leeds

As the cinema wasn’t too busy me and my mum got to have a sofa each and I am afraid to say I lied down and watched the movie just like I would if I was watching it at home. I didnt get a numb bum or start to feel uncomfortable part way through which I normally do when at the cinema as I get fidgety.

However if the film had been boring I might have fallen asleep as I was actually so comfortable. The next best thing would be a cinema bed and there is a cinema in London that has 6 double beds where you can get cozy under cashmere blankets, if I visited here I would never want to leave especially if they brought food as well.

The toilets are for everyone so it was ideal if a parent is taking their child to see a film and they had a disabled toilet both of which were so clean.

Ticket prices vary depending on the film and time of day so it is best to check the website but it seemed to be similar to other cinemas.

The coolest cinema in the UK

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