The Best Food walking tour of Bath, England

bakery we visted on walking tour in bath

Walking tour of Bath – with locally produced food

I joined Mike James who runs Savouring Bath an “Artisan food and drink tour” in the city of Bath, UK and it was a truly delicious experience. As usual with the food tours that I do, I don’t want to ruin the tour for anyone so I won’t give too much away.

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The main thing I will say is this is a great Bath tour and I would highly recommend anyone looking at doing a tour in Bath to chose this one and you will not go hungry. There are many places to visit in Bath but if you can incorporate food into your tour it is going to be an even better experience.

I think this is great for people that live close to Bath as I do and I had not tried any of the paces we visited apart from one. It is also a great thing to do on a day trip to Bath if you have never visited before as it will give you an insight into some great locally made products.

About This Bath Food Tour

Mike, originally from Yorkshire, now calls Bath home and is such a foodie that his passion and knowledge is remarkable and makes the tour so much fun.

The tour meets outside the Bath information centre by Bath abbey so it is really easy to find. It is a walking tour of Bath, getting to see the local sights, find out about the history of Bath with the added bonus of eating some of the cities best local produce.

Savouring Bath have 3 tours ranging from £25 to £35 and I can guarantee you will need some extra pennies as you will want to buy some extras on this tour to take home with you. 

Bath Produce eaten on this Tasty Bath Food Tour

The traders we visited were of the highest quality with fresh, tasty ingredients. If you have a few days in Bath then do this tour at the beginning as it will then give you chance to go back to these places as you will want to visit them again and again. I am lucky that I do not live far from Bath as I will definitely be returning to some of these places especially the French chocolatier and the bakery we went to.

bakery we visted on walking tour in bath

We had tea, coffee, beer, cider, buns, bread, cheese, gyoza (which were amazing!!!) and Kouignettes.

Kouignettes in bath

The Highlight of this Bath Food Tour

The highlight of the tour for me was visiting Paxton and Whitfield a local cheesemonger. I am such a big fan of cheese and my palate is changing and I now appreciate different flavours and love trying new cheeses. 

The guys in the shop were really knowledgeable about the cheese they were selling which I really enjoyed listening to. I will go back to this shop when I am looking at some new cheeses to try for a special occasion, hopefully they will give me some more to sample.

paxton and whitefield cheesemonger in bath cutting my cheese

The shop had some ash cheese which I have never heard of and wish I bought some as it was black and I am very intrigued at the flavour. I however did buy some blue cheese that was voted the best blue cheese in the UK and it was so good.

black ash cheese made in bath, a great thing to eat in Bath

They explained the different cheeses they had on offer telling us how and where they are made. We tried some cave aged cheddar where he scraped it rather than sliced and then gave us the same cheese when it was sliced and the flavours were so different.

I am going to scrape my cheese from now on. I assume there is a more technical term for this so if anyone knows what it is please let me know.

cheese tasting in bath, picture of old aged cheddar cheese on my hand tasty treat from Bath uk

This Bath Walking Tour lasted about 3 hours and although we walked around Bath we were stopping often and the terrain was flat and well paved so great for anyone with mobility limitations.

The food tour ends in a local bar which has a great atmosphere and if you have nothing left to do in Bath you could enjoy a few more of their local ales.

eating beer and cheese in bath a great excuse to visit Bath

If you would like more information about this tour then get in contact with Mike on the Savouring Bath website

If you are not local to Bath it makes a great day trip in the UK and you can get there by car, bus or train and some coach tours offer bath tours. I live in Bristol and there are a few buses to Bath from Bristol making it easy for me to visit Bath.

Trains to Bath : Find out more information here

Bus to Bath : Find out more information here

If you have a day in Bath or a week in Bath this is a great local tour to do what better way to explore a new city than to eat your way around.


Best food tour in Bath

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  1. This sounds like a great tour! I just stumbled across your article while looking for inspiration on things to do in the UK – I’m back home for the first time in over a year and it’s quite exciting to look at the country with fresh eyes. I think sometimes you can get a bit complacent with your own country (or at least I do!)

  2. I totally agree. I always forget how great my home town and surrounding areas are. I am going to try nd visit more of the UK next year

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