5 Top Things to do in Vienna

State Opera in vienna

5 Top Things to do in Vienna

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Vienna is a classic destination for a European city break. It has plenty of museums for the culture and history lovers, remarkable landmarks and architecture, and exciting coffee culture no coffee snob could resist. Guest blogger Or from My Path in the World tells us more about Vienna.

Although it is not the most budget-friendly European capital, you can still find many free things to do as well as affordable and amazing places to stay in Vienna. It’s also incredibly easy to get around thanks to its extensive system of Metro, buses, and trams. To see the best of what this city has to offer, here are the 5 top things to do in Vienna, perfect for a 3 day Vienna itinerary.


Dating back to the middle ages, the Schönbrunn Palace is a baroque palace that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It served as a royal residence as well as a place hosting conferences, concerts, and other events.

Apart from touring the palace itself, you can wander around the entire complex and visit many other sites like the Palm House, the Schönbrunn Zoo (which is the world’s oldest zoo), and the Imperial Carriage Museum.

Each of these has its own entrance fees, but strolling around the complex and gardens is free of charge.

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Located in the heart of Vienna’s city center, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that dates back to the 12th century.

It has a colorful tiled roof along with all the other intricate architectural details make it one of the most popular monuments in Vienna. You can even climb the Cathedral’s tower to enjoy some scenic views over the city.

st. stephens cathedral in vienna
Photo Credit : My Path in the World


You cannot visit Vienna without enjoying an afternoon break at a traditional Viennese coffeehouse. The most famous ones in the city are places like Demel and Cafe Central that look more like palaces rather than cafes, but you can also find smaller and more modern coffeehouses.

The types of coffee you can order have different names in Vienna, but there’s always a description and you can also ask the waiters for help. Along with exquisite Viennese coffee, you have to eat something sweet, and apple strudel is a classic that never fails.

You should also try kaiserschmarrn, which is a shredded fluffy pancake or choose a cake from the most mouthwatering cake displays.


Beyond the undeniable beauty of this 19th-century building, Vienna’s State Opera a culturally important landmark. It’s still active today, hosting more than sixty different ballet and opera productions each season. To explore it, you’ll need to book a guided tour.

State Opera in vienna


If you’re looking for an ‘out of the box’ kind of sight, don’t miss the Hundertwasserhous. This colorful residential building was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who was an Austrian artist and architect. Right next to it, there’s a small shopping center (that was also designed by him) where you can find all sorts of Hundertwasser-inspired souvenirs.


If you love museums, concerts, historical landmarks, and architecture, then this list is just the tip of the iceberg of what Vienna has to offer you. This city is full of magical corners waiting to be discovered by you.

Author bio: I’m Or, a twenty-something aspiring travel blogger on a mission to help people make the most of their trips. I’m always in search of hidden gems and unique experiences in both touristy and non-touristy destinations. My biggest travel obsession is Spain, but I love exploring Europe in general and all continents are on my bucket list.

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