Burger in Dubai : Have you tried a Black Burger

best burger in dubai

Burger in Dubai

Bridgewater Tavern Sports bar at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

I read about this burger in the hotel magazine and was intrigued by it being a black burger so I just had to try it. It even comes with a black apron and gloves but to be honest I think this was more of a gimmick as it wasn’t really needed. The burger is pricy but so was all the other food in Dubai so in comparison it was a decent price. Plus it is a 5 star hotel so the prices are going to be a little more.

best burger in dubai

The black burger with Angus beef, black sweet brioche, crispy onions, caramelised peppered bacon, aged cheddar, spiced onion jam and JD barbecue sauce

The burger was served with a spicy onion jam and it had a kick to it. My mate who is a major fan of spice told me it had a bit of zing, not really listening I took a mouthful it blew my head off. The waiter had to rush over with a glass of water to put the fire in my mouth out. Hasten to say I gave the rest of my spicy onion jam to my friend.

burgers in dubai

The burger was juicy and delicious although I couldn’t get over the fact that the bun was black and in the end, it started to put me off slightly.

The menu had other delicious looking items and a few people in my group ate in here and said how tasty the food was, not what I was expecting to see in Dubai

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Have you had an unusual burger I would love to hear about it and maybe feature it on my Burgers around the World Series.

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Burger in Dubai

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