Best Coastal Holidays In The UK

coast in dorset uk

Best Coastal Holidays In The UK

It is not often the UK gets nice weather but when the sun is shining I love being by the coast. some parts of the UK coast is just like being in the Mediterranean, the sea was so clear and the beaches so clean.

I love being by the coast the fresh sea air lifts my mood and even helps me breath better. 

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Being near the water is said to make your happy. It is no wonder that Victorian doctors decided to prescribe sea air as a cure for depression and a weak immune system, I wish my medical team would prescribe holidays for me.

The presence of the water affects the mind positively, so much in fact that most people are naturally drawn to bodies of water, whether these are lakes, rivers or oceans. Indeed, it is the restorative benefits of Mother Nature’s blue that attracts people. Consequently, people who live near the coast are generally healthier and a lot happier. Of course, you may not be able to move to a coastal location, but you can certainly pick your next holiday destination carefully.

I have been spending a lot of time on the UK coast when I can not travel abroad due to cancer treatment. I have had some great caravan holidays the last year. One of my favourite destinations is Dorset, with the Jurassic Coast stretching 95 miles it is a great place in the UK for some coastal drives.

Visit the English Riviera

One of the most fashionable coasts in the UK is the English Riviera, and it has to be on your bucket travel list. The southern coast hides many marvellous spots, which you can enjoy from a variety of holiday parks in Devon.

If you are an avid reader of Agatha Christie, you’ll enjoy discovering the literary trail that takes you through the heart of some of her inspiration for her famous crime novels. In fact, Christie’s love and knowledge of Torbay inspired her to use it as the site of many of her famous detective stories, involving both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple in Devon.

coast in dorset uk

Cycling in the world of pasties

For something a little more sporty and down to earth, you can explore the coast in Cornwall, which has maintained a lot of its lush vegetation in places.

If you’re up for a challenge, you’ll love the cycle routes that take you along the traditional Cornish landscapes of this region. Animal lovers will enjoy the Camel Trail alongside the river Camel where you can spot kingfishers, bats, and even otters.

And why not keep you going with a typical Cornish pasty, still warm and freshly baked?

cornish pasty

Discover a prehistoric village

If you want a coastal adventure through time, no need for a Tardis. Just head north to the Orkney Islands, which you can to via plane – book a flight to Kirkwall which is the capital of Orkney.

You can also get a ferry from Aberdeen. Ultimately, it’s not an easy journey to get there. But the archaeology and the fresh breeze on your face are worth the trip! You will be able to see exciting prehistoric sites, including the famous Skara Brae village and the ring of Brodgar. If you want to make your beach holiday something more, Orkney is the best destination for you.

orkney islands

Beautiful award-winning beaches

Finally, if your heart longs for endless beaches of white sand, the Welsh coastline is the place you need to visit. Several locations in Wales have received awards for the quality of the facilities as well as the cleanliness of the beaches.

Of course, it might rain often. But on a bright day, you can enjoy a fresh fish and chips snack while looking over to the Irish coast. Wales, somehow, offers a beach holiday of a different kind that connects you with the elements.

tenby coast in wales

If you’re not the kind of person who loves a beach-themed holiday, you’ll appreciate the choice of water-inspired vacations these locations provide. Just you, the sea, and the fresh smell of salt. Forget sunbathing, and enjoy being by the sea, for real.


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  1. Nice post.. Uk has really very nice places to visit, where travelers can spend there holidays. hope i will soon to plan a trip to these coastal destinations of UK

  2. Amazing places. UK coast is on mu bucket list, has so many beautiful places that I want to visit. Let us hope that I’ll manage to see them in 2019.

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