Bristol Aquarium

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Bristol Aquarium

Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT

Open daily 10 am to 5pm

The Bristol Aquarium is in the heart of the city with a collection of Sharks, Rays, a giant octopus, Amazonian and tropical fish in huge tanks with underwater tunnels.

fish to see in bristol aquarium

You can get to Bristol Aquarium by public transport as it is on a good bus route and is in walking distance from the city centre making it an easy place to get to and it is signposted. There is parking near by but as with any city centre this can be pricy.

The aquarium in Bristol also has other living things such as exotic plants which make it a interesting if yet slight expensive attraction in Bristol. 

urban jungle at bristol aquarium
things to do in bristol
plant at bristol aquarium

The Bristol Aquarium is nice to visit but I have had comments from people visiting with their families that it is not worth the money and can be done within 10 minutes. However, you do get to see some beautiful fish so it all depends on how much you like looking at the fishes as you can see from the photos I have included there are fishes of many different colours.

many different fish at bristol aquarium
seahorses at bristol aquarium
colourful fish at bristol aquarium

There are a lot of children visiting even on weekdays as school do day trips there so it can be overcrowded with excited school children so don’t expect it to be a relaxing experience seeing the marine life. Even in the school holidays it will be busy as they have daily talks and feeds it is best checking the website if this is something you want to see as the times do vary.

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Once you have a ticket though you can come and go all day, there is a café which might seem pricy but there are lots of eateries nearby as it is in a very central location.

cafe at bristol aquarium
jelly fish at bristol aquarium is a cool thing to do in bristol

The octopus that they have is really cool and something amazing to see in real life as it is not every day you get to see an octopus so close up.

octopus at bristol aqaurium
information about giant octopus in Bristol aquarium

There are lots of staff available who are able to give information and answer any questions. Plus there is interesting facts around the aquarium that you can read at your own leisure did you know that a “ray is basically a flat shark” I didn’t until this visit.

bristol aquarium information

One man was looking into a tank, so we asked what he was looking for & he explained he was looking for pregnant fish – He pointed out how to spot them. They keep their babies in their mouths, so their under chin / throat bit is swollen which was fascinating to see. You can find out what other people think on TripAdvisor

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