Avon Valley Country Park

Avon Valley Country Park in Bristol

Avon Valley Country Park

I have been to Avon Valley country park for several events at Halloween and Christmas and it is also a great adventure park to visit any time of the year, a perfect family friendly attraction in Bristol.

pay time at avon valley country park

I used to go with my dad who was a keen fisherman and I always remember feeding a swan whilst he was fishing and then when I ran out of the bread the swan chased me and I managed to get into the car before the swan started attacking the car for more bread. So please please do not feed the swan here, I didn’t realise how vicious they could be, but I won’t be doing that again.

avon valley country park

There is a lot of do an Avon Valley country park aimed at families with children, my best friend has an annual pass and regularly visits when the sun is shining in Bristol. There is a soft play and lots of outdoor play areas. For extra costs there are a few small rides.

soft play in bristol
outdoor play area for kids in bristol

There are a few farm animals that you can pet if they come close enough. They had a pig race, where the staff let you choose a coloured card (each pig has a colour sprayed to its back), if your pig wins, everyone with that colour gets a prize (don’t know what the prize is as we didn’t win)

pigs in bristol
animals at avon valley country park
owls at avon valley country park

It was busy with school children, but the river walk was peaceful & quiet – I can imagine taking a book & lying out somewhere along it, for a few hours.

avon valley country park
ducks at avon valley country park

They have boats to go on their lake (weren’t open when we went). You can buy food in the café which wasn’t that great so I wouldn’t do it again but there is loads of picnic areas making it the perfect place for a summers picnic in Bristol.

food at avon valley country park
boats in bristol

Are you looking for something fun to do outside in Bristol, then I think Avon Valley Country Park is a nice place to visit, you can also read my other suggestions here.

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