Colourful Jerusalem Markets – A photo story

Colourful Jerusalem Markets

One of the best things to do in Jerusalem is exploring the markets. They are so colourful and aromatic, I just wanted to eat all the foods that I saw whilst walking round and buy all the wonderful souvenirs. It is just a shame I only had a small bag otherwise I would have bought so much.

Even watching the locals going about their daily life was fascinating. In my opinion, visiting a Jerusalem market is one of the Best things to do in Jerusalem not that you can really avoid the stalls when you are walking through the old city anyway.

You can find everything on of the many Jerusalem markets including delicious fruits and vegetables, fragrant spices, handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques, religious articles the list is endless. For more information about The markets in Jerusalem see the ITravelJersualem website as even I didn’t get to explore all the different areas but that is now my excuse to go back to Jerusalem one day.

Actually I dont really need an excuse as I would love to see more of this city and this surprised me as I didnt think it was going to be a place I liked and I fell in love with the place it was so different to anywhere I have visited before.

I visited the Mahane Yehuda Market . Be warned though don’t go here if you are hungry as you will want to eat everything as your walking round. Some of the stall holders didn’t like people taking photos and there were even signs up saying no photos so I got as many as I could because I didn’t fancy having a stall holder chasing after me down the alleys.

I explored with a friend but you can do tours of the market and also get a bite card so you can try some of the amazing food. If I ever do go back then I will try and do one of these tours to find out more about what I am actually looking as I didn’t have a clue what some of the things were.

Pomegranates were a common sight in Jerusalem, with lots of stall offering fresh pomegranate juice. In fact you could get most flavours of juices on these stalls. I only tried an orange juice which was delicious, just look at the next picture for how refreshing the oranges look and I bet you will be salivating.

Jerusalem market pomegranates
jerusalem market oranges

I loved looking at all the fresh product at the Jerusalem market. Even though it was a lot of produce I was familiar with it was still interested for example the size of the cauliflowers were bigger than my head.

I love looking at markets when I am travelling as you can come across things that you are used to seeing on a daily basis but just the difference in size or even colour makes it as though you are seeing new things.

I also love seeing new foods and even getting to try foods that I have never tasted before and the best place to try new tings is a local market.

jerusalem market cauliflower

I saw Artichokes but these not to be confused with the Jerusalem Artichoke which is actually a root vegetable. I just presumed these were Jerusalem artichoke as I was Jerusalem, I need to improve my knowledge on vegetables. 

jerusalem market artichoke

Peppers were often seen at breakfast time in Jerusalem and the ones I tried were really tasty. Not the sort of thing I will normally have for breakfast but they were so fresh and along with some feta cheese made a tasty alternative to what I am used to for breakfast.

Again some of these peppers in the Jerusalem local markets were as big as my head.

Jerusalem market peppers

The smell of the spices when walking around the markets in Jerusalem was immense. At each alleyway I was greeted with a different smell which made me want to explore more.

As I mentioned the stall holders didnt really like tourists taking photos or picking things up if I wasnt going to buy so I get too close but it was still a wonderful experience and if you are looking for one thing to do when in Jeruslame I am going to say walk around and explore the local markets as they are one of best in the world. 

jerusalem market spices

Look at all the different varieties of olives in the next picture. I don’t even like olives but I tried a few whilst in Jerusalem and liked them. Actually I tried a lot of foods I didn’t think I like and found them tasty another was humous and falafel.

If you are a foodie another recommendation is doing a food tour when in Jerusalem you can read more about the one I did here.

jerusalem market dates
jerusalem market dates

This is the only decent picture I got that wasn’t food related as I was too busy looking at what I was seeing when exploring the markets and also a little scared of the market stall holders shouting at me if I tried to take a photo.

jerusalem market

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