An Amazing Jerusalem Food tour : With a phone app!!!

cakes we had on the best food tour in jerusalem

Food Tour Jerusalem

I didn’t realise that Jerusalem had so much good food on offer. Doing this Bite Mojo tour was amazing and took me to places that I would not have visited otherwise.

Bite Mojo is an app that you download onto your phone, then you pay for which food tour you want to do and then you are ready to go it is that simple.

How does this Food Tour app work

The app shows you a map and how to find the places, descriptions of the food venues you will visit and what you are eating. There is also information on the areas that you will be walking through to get to the food venues.

It is so much fun to do with friends not sure I would want to do it on my own though.

Once you arrive at the venue you click on a claim and I think it sends a message to the establishment’s phone who then give you the food it is so easy to use.

You don’t even have to do it all in one day as you can go back to the app as and when you want. You don’t have to do it in the order that is on the app either the only limitation is you can only try one bite once which was slightly disappointing after the first tasting as I would have happily gone back there again and again.

I loved this app and it also has options for tours in Berlin, Rome and Tel Aviv. My profile is set to English and there is also an for German and Hebrew. It is something I am definitely going to do again.

Foods we tried in Jerusalem with this food tour app

Here is what food and places I visited on the tour that I did in Jerusalem

Starting point Damascus Gate Finishing point Jaffa 44 total walking 2.9km takes an average 3hrs

Hummus Ikermawi

2 HaNevi’im Street, Jersualem

Hummus with Falafel, pickle and pita

Oh my god this is the best hummus and falafel I have ever had. I don’t normally like falafel as every time I have tried it, it has been dry but this was delicious I couldn’t stop eating it and I had to pace myself as this was the first stop on the food tour.

food in jerusalem

The owner Muhammad Fakhry Ikermawi was so friendly and couldn’t wait to tell us about his cafĂ© and his produce as he was so proud and he had every right to be as it was delicious.

It is a very popular venue as it was really busy and if you are going to visit make sure you get there early as he explained he makes a batch every morning at 5 am and once it is gone that is it for the day and they normally run out around 1 pm.

best falafel in jerusalem

The app also gives you the story of the owner but at this venue, he will tell you all himself anyway as it seems he loves talking to people. I am so glad that we visited here first as he really made the tour as at some of the other venues they were not as friendly.

El’am’in Bakery

14 HaNevi’im Street, Jerusalem

Mint tea with Traditional tea cookies or baked goods.

This bakery was really busy so the owner told us to pick which baked good we wanted and gave us some mint tea. It was hard to choose which cake to have as they all looked so good I went for a chocolate filled doughnut and it was amazing.

I didn’t like the mint tea as it was way too sweet for me.

mint tea in jerusalem


I didn’t realise this bakery was opened 24 hours a day until I read the information on the app later if you are visiting Jerusalem and not doing the app tour you need to try and visit here to try one of the amazing baked goods though.

best food in jerusalem

We then walked past the Musrara art school and the app told us about it and then down the “They are not nice alley” (this is the name of the alley). Which we wouldn’t have known about if we didn’t have this app. It explains that in the 1970s this was the focal point of the Black Panther movement which gave rise to some violent protests and divided communities.

Notre Dame Rooftop

3 HaTsanhanim Street, Jerusalem

view from notre dame hotel jerusalem

We then walked through Usrar neighbourhood until we came to the Norte Dame Rooftop. This was slightly hard to find and we did walk past it to start with but we saw some other people doing the food app tour and they told us where we had to go.

It was a rooftop restaurant in a hotel. We sampled cheese and wine and got to see one of the best views of the city

jersualem food


Mamilla, Jerusalem

Again this was a little hard to find as this restaurant was actually in a shopping mall with other restaurants and shops. It was delicious and here we tried Polenta with mushroom and cheese or you could have beet tortellini.

The polenta was so creamy I have never had polenta before so not sure how it compares to other versions but the people I was with said it was one of the best they had tasted and it wasn’t normally as creamy but I loved this and hope I get to try something like this again very soon.

This was an Italian restaurant and was quite busy with locals, the atmosphere was nice and it smelt amazing also it had some really tasty looking desserts in the fridge.

taste of jerusalem


Yanai Street 3, Jerusalem

This was a boutique beer shop where you could purchase bottles to take away or sit and enjoy one outside. We could choose any beer we wanted so between us we tried a few different ones.

We loved it here so much that we returned the next night to have another drink. The owner was really friendly and happy to talk about the beers that they had on offer.

beer in jerusalem


Half a Belgian waffle with a choice of topping – I never got to claim this bite as we ran out of time but it is still in my app so who knows I might get to try it next time I visit Jerusalem.

If you would like more information on Bite Mojo this is the website

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Food Tour in Jerusalem

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