A quick guide to Pune : India

waterfall in pune

A quick guide to Pune : India

Pune – A city with a vibe of its own!

Guest post by Seema Gurnani from Pandareviewz

Pune, being close to Mumbai, is one of the upcoming suburban cities in India. With a mix of the crowd from all over the word, great malls for shopping, fancy breweries and restaurants, a great host to music festivals, etc, Pune has become one of the fancy tourists spots. Pune is also called the Bombay Presidency’s monsoon capital.

pune landscape
Pune Landscape

The People in Pune

I visited Pune regularly and what I realised is that the people of Pune are devoid of all the competition that goes around in its neighbouring cities like Mumbai. In Pune, people do their work taking their time; shops are closed in the afternoon because who does not like to get an afternoon nap?

This attitude of doing work with a cooler mind-set is what makes the people of Pune unique. The people in Pune are very approachable, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation! Considering Pune has really nice educational institutes in Pune, it attracts students from around the world, making it a place with a diverse population, and with mixed cultures.

Food in Pune

From the authentic Misal Pav and Vada Pav to the most amazing bakery items, Pune offers a lot for all the taste buds. Have the Misal Pav at Mama Bhanche and by the time you are done with it, you will have teary eyes and a red nose because it is so spicy and yummy. Need something sweet desperately?

Head out to the Kayani Bakery in the Pune camp. They serve the best plump cakes you will ever have. But the highlight of the bakery is its shrewsbury biscuits that are so buttery that it melts into your mouth and you just cannot stop at one.

Pune is known for its bakeries, and you must see how the people in Pune treat themselves to cakes, burgers, milkshakes, etc. at these bakeries on a regular basis. German bakery, the French Window Patisserie, Café Peter Doughnuts, etc. are few of the popular bakeries in Pune.

food in pune
Food in Pune : Photo supplied by PandaReviewz

Another thing about Pune you must not miss is the Sunday brunches. Many bars and restaurants have this long spread of multi-cuisine dishes, with the best cocktails and mocktails every Sunday, that attracts the best dressed crowd from Pune and also Mumbai. I remember dolling up and driving to Pune for the crazy Sunday brunches. O Hotel brunches is one of my favourites.

Sightseeing in Pune

Pune, once being the place of pride for Shivaji Maharaj and the capital of the Peshwas, has cultural and historical significance. The Peshwas built several monuments which are preserved very well.

The most prestige monument is the Shaniwar Wada. Also, there’s the infamous Aga Khan Palace where Gandhi was imprisoned for two years.

These places hold great historic and sentimental value for the Indians, and one must check out these places during their visit to Pune. Also, the outskirts of Pune have some really beautiful lakes and waterfalls for the nature lovers!

waterfall in pune
Waterfall in Pune

The most talked-about ‘nightlight’ in Pune

Pune is a paradise for party freaks. If you are an EDM lover and want to dance off the whole night then clubs like Polaris and Scream Bar are the places you shouldn’t miss and if you are more of a music lover and want to listen to good music while having a chilled beer then head to Hard Rock Café and Not just Jazz by the Bay.

Pune is known for its breweries. So you can do your research and pick on the best breweries in town! Don’t miss these out!

nightlife in pune
Nightlife in Pune : Photo supplied by PandaReviewz

Pune is a city that hosts many festivals. The annual NH7 festival is a 3 day festival that happens in December, and attracts a crowd of over 50,000 with many artists, DJs, food stalls, etc. You will see the true energy of Pune in festivals like these. If you are a music lover, you must attend the NH7 festival in Pune.

Luxury Hotels in Pune

The moment you hear luxury hotels your pockets start feeling stressed, But Pune offers amazing luxury hotels at cheaper rates than the usual. Amanora – The fern, Novotel, The O hotel are a few luxury hotels that give great rooms and amenities at rates you would never imagine.

The Westin is really nice too! So I have friends in Pune and they are always welcoming me to spend a few days with them, but I always prefer a stay in one of the 5 stars or 7 stars, and no that’s not because I am super rich! But because why not make use of these luxury hotel, that are not expensive, and have a great staycation instead!

I don’t stay too far away from Pune, and I visit Pune very often. The weather is always pleasant. There is always a new bar to check out. There is always a new place for a fancy Sunday brunch. And the people are very relaxed and they mind their own business, and I love that attitude! I am always going to be a Pune lover.

When you’re in Pune, you must let loose, feel the vibe and live like a Pune-ite, even if it’s just for a few days.  

Author BIO : My name is Seema Gurnani and I love to explore new places and new tastes around the world. I quit my job and started to travel and explore my own country, India and dream to cover the world someday and try the best vegetarian food’s all around the world. I also document all my experiences and reviews at my site pandareviewz.com

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