Beautiful India : Photos that will inspire your trip to India

beautiful india

Beautiful India : Photos that will inspire your trip to India

India is so fragrant and colourful that photos just tell the story so much better than I can. During a recent trip of the Golden Triangle I fell in love with the country so much that when I got home I booked another trip to explore further. Here are my favourite photos from this trip and I cant wait to show you some from South India when I get back from my next adventure.

No photo collage would be complete without a picture of the Taj Mahal. It was a lot busier than I was expecting but I find most very big tourist attractions are very crowded so it is hard to get the perfect picture that you see in the magazines.

This is Humayum Tomb also know as the Red Taj Mahal. “Taj Mahal was built by devoted husband for his wife and Humayun Tomb was built by devoted wife for her husband.” You can see more details about Humayum Tomb

India has so many animals roaming free. These chipmunks were so tame and came really close to people. They would take food out of your hand and sit next to you to eat it, such a cool experience.

I didn’t expect to see camels in India but there were loads. I didn’t know that a camel can live until its 40.

It is going to be hard not to see an elephant whilst in India. I don’t like how they are used to rides and have heard horrible stories about them being abused which is so sad.

I didn’t and wouldn’t ride an elephant but did appreciate how beautiful the animals were. I would love to be involved in a wonderful projects such as Act for Wildlife which helps protect the wonderful animals.

The clothes that people wear in India are beautiful. They are made from lovely fabrics and are so colourful. I loved how we managed to capture some of the people getting on with their daily lives as well as people in uniforms at tourist attractions.

I had a friend with me who loves taking photos and managed to capture the locals because I feel a bit weird taking photos of people I dont think I would want people taking pictures of me in fact I know I dont like it as it happened when I was travelling China. However local people can really tell a story of the country you are visiting

If you like this please share and pin for reference. I would love to see some of your beautiful pictures of India.

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  1. It must be an amazing country, there are so many beautiful landscapes and monuments of course!
    Unfortunately I also heard about the elephant rides and abuses they receive… So this is something I’d never do for that reasons.
    I love the traditional clothes they wear 🙂

  2. Woww these are such pretty pictures! I am so crappy at taking good pics but Yayy being an Indian makes us proud! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful collection of photos! Love how you have captured the colourful costumes and locals. It’s sad that the elephants and camels are mistreated. Which place in North India was your favourite?

  4. That’s a nice collection of photos from India. You captured some lovely glimpses of heritage, architecture and color. India has so many other sides waiting to be discovered 🙂

  5. Nice pictures. I feel proud of my country India and after reading your post and seeing amazing pictures, I am gladder. You have captured the beautiful glimpses of monuments and clothing.

  6. These are some beautiful pictures. The different colours of north India are here. Although it would take so many photographs to compile all the colours as India has such vast diversity

  7. Such a beautiful collection! Would love to visit India one day: everything is so colorful and full of history&contrasts! Was also surprised by the camels though!

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