10 of the most scenic train journeys to take

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10 of the most scenic train journeys to take

Nothing can beat the experience of making long-distance journeys in heritage steam trains or luxurious carriages, looking at the spectacular scenery outside. It is simply impossible to beat the charming experience of a train ride. There is an irresistible old school charm about these journeys that indeed make for an unforgettable experience. The gentle lull of the train, the inspiring landscapes, and breathtaking views leave a permanent mark on your psyche.

Book your train holidays in advance as you should not miss the opportunity of experiencing and enjoying one of the best scenic train journeys ever. It is seen that some of the best destinations also boast of the most scenic train routes.
Get ready to embark on some of the scenic train journeys in the world. Just sit back, relax and let the dream begin. Here is a list of the world’s most fantastic train journeys that have been carefully handpicked from among the best.

Bernina Express in Switzerland

Running from Chur and St Moritz in Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy, embark the Bernina Express that offers you one of the most scenic journeys ever. Enjoy every minute of the four-hour journey that goes across the border through hundreds of tunnels and bridges. Gaze at those lofty waterfalls and dramatic alpine landscape when you cross the dramatic ravines. There are vast vista windows one very carriage that allows every passenger to capture those breathtaking views. You climb the cold Bernina pass gradually to arrive later in the warm Italian sunshine.

bernia epxress

VIA Rail’s Canadian in Canada

The Canadian is looked upon to be the best trains in Canada and offers you the window to the vast nation. It runs between Toronto and Vancouver and covers more than 4000 km in a couple of days. The travelers on the train go through the diverse terrains of the hinge Canadian country. The Canadian take them through waterfalls, the Canadian Rockies and golden prairie fields. The train ride is very comfortable and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for its travelers who can pick from the prestige, sleeper plus, and economy class.

Tren a las Nubes in Argentina

Also known as the Train to the Clouds, Tren a las Nubes runs from Salta in Argentina to the Chilean border. It is a part of the old line, and a must for altitude-seekers as the seven-hour journey on the train not only takes them through dramatic Andean scenery but climbs to 13,800ft! What is unique about the train journey is that it is the only one in the world that does not use rack and pinion system. Enjoy gazing at the magnificent views against the backdrop of multicolored rock formations.

West Highland Line in Scotland

West Highland Line takes you through Scotland’s most diverse scenery as it goes from Glasgow to Mallaig. Once the train leaves Glasgow, it enters the country’s wild, western coast that boasts of verdant glens and tranquil lochs. Later, it passes through the distant wilderness of Rannoch Moor and skirts the towering Ben Nevis, before it touches down in Fort William. The train journey traverses the Glenfinnan Viaduct as it switches direction and moves westward and reaching the port of Mallaig.

train scotland

Pride of Africa in South Africa

Considered to be the most scenic as well as the world’s most luxurious train, Pride of Africa boasts of 1920s-style coaches that reflect the colonial era comfort and opulent style. However, the authentically preserved coaches boast of all the modern amenities and comforts. Board the train to enjoy all the picturesque spots of South Africa. One can opt for different routes and pick from multiple holiday packages that suit their preferences. The trip can last from 16 to 22 days and takes you through wildlife reserves and natural monuments of South Africa.

Fort William to Mallaig in Britain

This is one of the best-loved scenic railways of Britain and the “Road to the Isles” service was revived from the Sixties. The most scenic railways offer a 42-mile journey that takes the passengers through mountain and impressive panorama of the highest mountain to deepest seawater loch. The pioneering 21-arch Glenfinnan Viaduct is famous as a location for the Harry Potter films. The daily Jacobite train is the only steam timetabled service on the national network.

TranzAlpine in New Zealand

Another scenic train journey is on aboard the TranzAlpine in New Zealand. Get ready to look at the most dramatic landscapes within the Island’s Southern Alps. Starting at Christchurch, TranzAlpine crosses the fertile fields of the Canterbury Plains and the Waimakariri River. From there, it goes up into the mountains and crosses the mighty Staircase Viaduct. After passing the Arthur’s Pass National Park and its snow-capped mountains, the TranzAlpine enters the subtropical rainforests of the west coast and finally reaches its destination, Greymouth, which is the historic gold mining town.

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The Ghan in Australia

If you are looking for a long picturesque train trip, then you should perhaps look at The Ghan that takes you from Adelaide to Darwin across the continent of Australia. Enjoy the two-day journey through the natural landscapes and wilderness. You get to enjoy the best views of the desert as you cross the wilderness of Australia before making to the lush tropical climates of the northern region. One can opt for either the Platinum or Gold class accommodations on The Ghan that come with private cabins. Enter deep into the heart of Australia and enjoy the views from the comfort and solitude of your private cabin. Simply gaze out and feel special as you are on one of the world’s greatest rail journeys,

Eastern and Oriental Express in Southeast Asia

Eastern and Oriental Express connects Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand and covers more than a thousand-mile journey through the natural landscapes of the three countries. Thus, one can enjoy looking at the varied landscapes of three different countries. What adds to the experience are the luxurious amenities in the train. You can look forward to a memorable and mesmerizing trip that will leave you rejuvenated.

Glacier Express in Switzerland

Glacier Express connects Zermatt and St Morita, the two most scenic mountain resorts in Switzerland. If you ever wanted to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Swiss Alps, the only way to do is to get on the Glacier Express. You cross a large number of tunnels and bridges on the day-long trip and every moment is simply awesome. You get picture-perfect views of pristine mountain lakes and alpine meadows. Oberalp Pass, the steepest point on the ride is the highlight of the journey. Another highlight is the famous Landwasser Viaduct which is a six-arch structure that plunges into a tunnel.

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