Holidays in Sussex : What to see and do in West Sussex

Holidays in Sussex : What to see and do in West Sussex

I stayed at Bunn Leisure Holiday Park in Selsey in West Sussex for a short break and explored the local area.

We had a car, the weather was not the best typical seaside weather of grey clouds with outbreaks of sun so we couldn’t spend time on the beaches which did look nice but we still had plenty to do.


This is where our holiday park was, and it was a nice little area. We went to the town and had some delicious fish and chips from Dens Fish Bar if you are in the area then I highly recommend if you want some tasty fish and chips.

We drove down to the beach and sat in the car having a cup of tea overlooking the shingle beach and sea as it was a little bit windy to walk on the beach. But we saw some ships and even a local lifeboat.


St Winfred Church

This was a lovely little church it was interesting to walk around the graveyard and see that some of the headstones were from as early as 1875. It was peaceful to walk around, and you can go inside the church which was cute.

st winfifred church selsey

inside st winfireds church in selsey


Not far from our holiday park so we decided to visit the Chichester Cathedral. I found Chichester to be an accessible city as it was flat and easy to walk around and there were plenty of benches, so we could take it easy and stroll and stop and rest, we sat on a bench and listened to a local busker. 

welcome to chichester

There were a few car parks close to the main town in Chichester and we park in East Pallent car park with no problems. It was free for blue badge holders and a couple of minutes’ walks from the Cathedral. They had a shop mobility van in the car park where you could hire mobility scooters to get you around the town, I asked my mum if she wanted one, but she declined.  

parking in chichester

We walked down the pedestrianised street in Chichester walking past some cute cottages on the way.

houses in chichester

I noticed a lot of people with walking canes and mobility scooters. There were plenty of shops including a local chocolate shop and I can’t resist supporting local shops especially when it involves chocolate. They were friendly and welcomed us with free chocolate samples so it would have been rude not to purchase some. I tried a vegan chocolate at first I didn’t even know I had picked up vegan chocolate and was disappointed as I thought how can chocolate with no milk with nice and creamy but I was surprised and it was really tasty the bar did not last long so that shows it must have been good.

local shops in chichester

The high street had some original buildings with nice features and I liked the Chichester Cross which had locals resting on the benches and there was a hotdog vendor nearby that smelt delicious.

 market square in chichester

The Cathedral was having some work down on the roof changing it from copper back to lead. It had scaffolding but it didn’t ruin looking at the cathedral completely and it was still possible to see the main spire.

welcome to chichester cathedral

The cathedral is one of the most interesting I have visited around each nook had something different to look at. Like the town, the cathedral was accessible even inside where there were steps there were portable ramps that you just needed to ask for assistance. There were several volunteers working at the cathedral who were all ready to offer information about what was to be seen.

chichester cathedral is accessible

The day we visited there was a free lunch time concert of a flutist and pianist we left before the full concert go on its way as the cathedral was starting to fill up, but we listened to them rehearing whilst we were walking around.

local concert in chichester catherdral

The main stain glass window was beautiful there was a bench opposite and we sat down to really take in the story it was telling. We were given some information about the window and it was nice trying to work out which each pane represented.

 stained glass window in chichester cathedral

the images in the stained glass window at chichester cathedral

The tapestry was wonderful it was interesting to find the hands, serpent and fishes in the story that the tapestry was telling.

chichester cathedral tapestery

I lit a candle which I like to do in each church I visit in memory of lost loved ones and I added a prayer to the prayer box.

lighting a candle in chichester catherdral

The treasury was interesting showcasing silverware and an interesting box where there would be three keyholders to lock away their treasures.

treasury in chichester cathedral

interesting artifacts in chichester cathedral

This is a cathedral that needs a good hour to visit as there is so much to see. There is a café and free toilets at the cathedral.

original features in the chichester cathedral

 organ in chichester cathedral

inside chichester catherdral

my favourite statue in chichester cathedral

Weald and Downland living museum

I really enjoyed exploring the 1000 years of rural life in the UK in the Weald and Downland living museum. It is best to visit on a clear day as everything is outside. We walked around at our own pace there were a few benches along the way so we could rest as much as we wanted. They also had disabled entrance fee including a free carer.

wealds and westland living museum

There were several volunteers and exhibitions on site that made the visit interesting. I loved seeing Mac the horse out working and the chickens running free. I was disappointed that we could not find the two pigs they had they must have been hiding.

mac the horse

chickens at wealds and westlands living

school house at wealds and westland living museum

They often have cooking demonstrations in the kitchen but during out visit they were just burning some wood to show how the fire would work but the volunteer was helpful and told us how the kitchen would have been used.

me at wealds and westland living museum

church at wealds and westlands living museum


Arundel was a historic town to explore. The castle is on a steep hill, so it is not the most accessible of places, but we did manage to get a on street parking stop close to the entrance. There is also a main car park at the bottom of the hill that may require a steep walk to the castle.

Arundel castle dates to 1067 It is open to the public between April and November see the website for opening times and prices.

The town has several independent shops including antiques and collectables to browse around and have afternoon tea in one of the local cafes. 



Worthing is a traditional seaside town with a pier and a chance to spot wild horses at Cissbury ring We ran out of time exploring West Sussex and did not get to visit Worthing but I will try and get there another time even if it’s just to have an ice cream on the seafront.

Bognor Regis

My mum and dad met near Bognor Regis, so we visited to reminisce. It was a little dated for a seaside town and it was very windy when we visited but we spent time on the 2p slots in the arcade and got a whippy ice cream.

bognore regis

Have you been to West Sussex?

This has been a lovely relaxing trip we didn’t rush exploring like we normally do when exploring a new area and we got time to have ice cream on the seafront something we rarely have time to do. If the sun is shining, then most of the time will be spent on the beaches but there is still plenty to do in west Sussex in all weathers.

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