Villa Wayanad Review : A family run villa in South India 

villa wayanad the best place to stay in wayanad

Villa Wayanad Review  

OPP AMBILERY STADIUM, DIST- WAYANAD, Kalpetta, Kerala 673121, India

I stayed at the Villa Wayanad as part of a GAdventures South India tour so I didn’t actually choose the premises but was really impressed. Kerala Tour Packages are becoming more popular as India becomes much more accessible to get to from the UK,. Prices start at £17 which is a great price. Their website has all the information you need to book and if you have any further questions.

It says it is a cross between a home stay and a hotel but it is definitely leaning more towards the homestay feel. It is ran by the two owners and their care taker, I did see any other staff. They all came out to greet us when we arrived and were so welcoming it was like coming to visit friends.

My Room

My room was on the 1st floor and had a communal seating area with another room which was nice as we are travelling as a group and it meant we could sit here and talk. I did I have a private room with a double bed so could close the door for privacy. The communial area had a tv and a sink with some cupboard storage space and power sockets.

communal seating area at the wayanad villa in india
communal seating area

The Villa Wayanad is basic but it had so much character and I felt as though we are in the middle of nowhere.

I did have an extra guest in my room Jimmy the cricket but my friend got him out as I don’t think I could have slept with him under my bed.

The bathroom was very basic, toilet sink and a shower not that you need more but my shower head tended to spray water everywhere but down and there was no hot water. This meant I ended up with a very wet bathroom. People in the other rooms however didn’t experience this.

They looked after me when I was ill

I was ill during our stay with a cold and had to spend the day at Villa Wayanad whilst the rest of the group went out to hike up to a local cave. not that I would have enjoyed that anyway as I don’t like caves.

But the care taker was nice, he asked me if I needed a doctor and brought me some hot water during the day, so I could have some tea. They offered me tea and coffee but I have my own tea bags so that is why I got hot water not them being stingy. They even asked me if I wanted some lunch, but I had snacks and wasn’t hungry.

medicine they got me at the wayanad villa in kerala
The medicine they got me

Later in the day I was still coughing, and the care taker went to the chemist for me which was 2km away. He didn’t speak much English but understood sore throat and cough. This is why I love staying at places like this so much more personal than large multi chain hotels. He came back with some tablets for me to take with food 3 times a day and I started to feel better the next day which was great.

Our Verandah 

We were on the 1st floor we have a large veranda which is overlooking the countryside. Sitting here all day whilst everyone was out was lovely and peaceful I listened to the crickets, watched the local school children coming and going down the lane running past the villa and just took in the beauty of being in the countryside.

Our verandah at Wayanad vila in india
Our Verandah

In the distance I could see mountains the view was amazing and the sunsets were spectacular.

view at sunset at the wayanad villa
View at Sunset from our verandah

Even when it started raining I enjoyed sitting out listening the rain. There was a field near our villa where the kids played football and there was a few cows grazing, it was interesting to watch the owner of the cows come to collect them just before nightfall and take them home and I even saw my first mongoose.

the view from our villa wayanad near kerala
View from our verandah

Food at Villa Wayanad

Breakfast was tasty. It was served on our veranda. It was idli and chick pea curry, which apparently didn’t have much spice. I had omelette which was tasty, toast, pineapple, bananas, butter and jam tea and coffee.

Dinner was prepared by the host and was delicious it included rice poppadum’s and a lentil curry plus a chicken curry.  I am sorry I cannot be more explicit, but I am not sure what types they were all I knew was it was good.

It you are visiting Wayanad and can get to this hotel I highly recommend for the peaceful time and the excellent family feel from the people that run it.

Villa Wayanad a family run place to stay in the countryside in South India. If you are visiting Wayanad then this is the place you should stay.

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