Night Hotel Review New York

my bedroom at night hotel

Night Hotel Review : New York

132 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036

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This is not to be confused with the Night Hotel on 47th Street which had really bad reviews on TripAdvisor.

I chose this hotel purely for the location as I wanted to be as close to times square as I could get, and I was not disappointed as this is a perfect location within 2 minutes’ walk to the hustle and bustle of Times Square.

I got a great price that I was slightly worried there was going to be something wrong as it was a fraction of the price of the other hotels in the district but sometimes that is just the luck of the drawer and I was totally satisfied with my stay. 

My room was on the 2nd floor at the front of the hotel so I was concerned I might be kept awake with street noise, but I didn’t notice it maybe because the bed was so comfortable, so I slept well.

I loved the décor in this hotel it was all blacks and grey which might make it sound depressing, but it just seemed to give it atmosphere maybe because I was visiting at Halloween, so I liked the dark colours. I had a double bed the room was not huge, perfect for a solo traveller but might have been a bit small for more than one person.

my bedroom at night hotel
My Bedroom

The bathroom was large, but I did have to run the taps for some time before I got any hot water.

My bathroom at night hotel in times square
My bathroom at Night Hotel

There is a mini bar fridge and a note that said if you remove the items to put your own in the fridge you will be charged $30 this was a bit annoying as I would have put my water in the fridge but since I was only there for 2 nights it wasn’t that much of a problem.

I didn’t eat or drink in the hotel as it is so close to restaurants I felt no need. I did ask reception if there was anywhere I could get some hot water and they supplied me with a kettle which was great as I had my own teabags so could have a nice English cuppa.

This is a great place to stay if you can get a good price then I recommend it.

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Night Hotel review in Times Square New York. A great pace to stay very close to Times sqaure perfect for sight seeing in New York

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