Top 5 European cities to visit this year

Top 5 European cities to visit this year

When you think of going on holiday I bet you think of a week or two by the sea on a beach but beach holidays are not for everyone. Perhaps you’re after adventure, culture or maybe you just want to do something a little different?

I personally love looking around new cities they have so much to offer with their hustle and bustle. There is always something different to see in a city and the food is normally amazing which is so important to me as I love eating my way around a new place.

Some of them can even be romantic not that, that bothers me being a lonely singleton but places like Paris, Venice and New York have been making couples fall in love for generations!

Here are some top European cities to get your juices flowing and maybe after reading this you might finally book a trip to that place that you have been dreaming about.

The best thing for me about traveliling in European cities is being in the UK I currently have grest access to them, in a couple of hours which is can sometimes take me to get into my own city centre I could be somewhere sunny and totally different.

But don’t worry if you have further afield to come why not come for longer or even travel around and visit a number of europes finests cities.

Here are top 5 European Cities.

London, England

I have to start with London since I am from the UK and I am slightly biased as I loved everything British.

If you’re visiting the UK, chances are London will be on your itinerary but do remember the other cities that the UK has to offer such as my home town of Bristol and the wonderful historic areas of York.

London has many tourists attractions to choose from to shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, fascinating architecture and much more it’s a lively and exciting place in the world. Time it right and you could attend one of the many festivals held in the English capital, from music festivals such as Wireless  to film festivals, food festivals and so much more.

Soak in the quintessential English charm by visiting quaint tea rooms or get a taste of the nightlife by going to a club or rooftop bar. I have been to a music festival in the city and the atmosphere is amazing.

I have also attended a few red carpet film premieres which are exciting and if you are lucky you could spot a celebrity.

london skyline
London, UK

Rome, Italy

If you’re looking for a destination that’s absolutely packed with history and culture then you won’t go far wrong with Rome. You can combine it with an Italy road trip. Take the Vatican City for example, this is the political and religious centre of the Catholic religion and is a fascinating place to visit and its also classed as a independent country so another country to cross off your list.

Try and visit the Vatican City on a Wednesday and you might be lucky to see the Pope. I saw one of his talks and it was kind of special and really made the holiday.

It’s believed to be situated on Apostle Peter’s burial ground, whether you’re religious or not it makes for an extremely interesting place to discover. Along with the ancient ruins, religious buildings museums, and galleries which all provide a look into history, you also have the stark contrast of modern Rome.

Here you can experience everything from fashion to festivals, the arts, shopping, delicious food and much more. You definitely need to have some spare pennies if you want to go clothes shopping in Rome though as it has some of the best designers in the world.

Rome, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This post is in partnership with Netherlands Tourism

I visited Amsterdam for my 18th with my mum and dad and it was quite an eye opener.

It’s known as the city of waterways, but there’s much more to do than just go boating in Amsterdam. There are walking and bike tours, incredible street markets, parks and museums to explore. You have fascinating historical places of interest such as Anne Frank’s house where she hid during the war, which you can go and walk around. I read the Anne Franks diary when I was younger and so this place was special as the diaries are so moving definitely recommend reading them before visiting Amsterdam.

There are Theatres, zoos, science centres and much more all make up this vibrant, interesting and culturally rich city. And of course you can not forget the red light district and the cannabis culture obviously I am not saying take part but just to see it is a sight worth seeing.

amsterdam river
Amsterdam, Holland

Madrid, Spain

When you think of visiting Spain, it’s so easy to picture stunning beaches of which there are plenty. But there are lots of interesting cities too. With glamorous boulevards and large, well maintained parks including the Buen Retiro, Madrid is a spectacular place to visit.

The city is famous for its European art galleries, where you can see the works of many Spanish masters. So if it’s a look into history and culture you’re after, you won’t be disappointed here.

Defined as being an intense cultural, artistic, and intellectual destination there’s far more to do than just shop til you drop- although you can of course do this too if you choose!

madrid skyline
Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is know for it’s party lifestyle. So if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion like a hen party or just want to let your hair down then there are few better places than Barcelona. Along with numerous clubs and bars that are popular with all kinds of groups who want to party, you’re not short on culture or things to do during the day either.

You could take a walk around the city and enjoy the markets, churches, stadiums and take photos of the incredible architecture. Barcelona is rich in both culture and history, and is home to several Roman archeological sites too.

barcelona skyline
Barcelona, Spain

Regardless of your interests, there will be something for everyone in these cities. With so much to see and do packed into one area, there will be the perfect places to eat at, shop at and visit for entertainment. Plan your trip beforehand so you can make the most of the time you have.

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