Zadar Airport : Whats at the airport

zadar airport check in

Zadar Airport

Zadar Airport is about 8km from the centre and it mainly used by Ryanair. I was actually surprised at how many destinations you can fly to from Zadar airport considering I had not heard of it before I started planning my trip to Croatia.

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Getting to Zadar Airport

Since the airport is only 8km from the centre 

it is would not be that expensive in a taxi or an UBER which is easy to use in Zadar.

I was quoted 150kuna (about £18) for an Airport Shuttle service from the old town to the airport but I ended up getting the Airport bus which only cost 25 Kuna (£3).

The Airport bus is operated by the company Liburnija Zadar and only picks up from one stop in the old town and the main bus station. It takes around 20 minutes from the old town and 15 minutes from the bus station to get to the airport and drops off directly outside the main entrance. This is also where you would get the bus if you were heading into Zadar.

It was easy to find the bus stop in the old town using google map however I found that the timetable online was not accurate I am not sure if it is not up to date or if the bus was delayed but I was expecting to get the 12.30pm bus and it arrived at 12.50pm so plan according if you have a flight to catch.

The bus also took euros but didn’t accept cards and the bus driver preferred the correct money although he did have a small amount of change.

Airport Bus Service Timetable 

bus to zadar airport

At Zadar Airport

Zadar airport is very small. There were about 5 check in desks, an information desk, toilet, café and souvenir shop before you go through security.

I had assistance booked but really didn’t need it as the airport is so small, basically boarding passes are checked then you are at security then passport control all only a few metres walk.

zadar airport check in

Once through passport control there is a duty-free shop and it had quite a range of alcohol considering it was such a small airport. There were a few English brand of cigarettes. Prices were in Euro, but you could pay in Kuna.

There was one café selling a small selection of hot and cold drinks, muffins and sandwiches. They only had ham and cheese, salami or chicken sandwiches which cost 30 Kuna, 2 types of chocolate muffin or a ring doughnut for 15 Kuna and I bought a bottle of water for 20 Kuna. There was no where to fill up water bottles.

There are only 5 gates and then you are required to walk to the plane again only a few metres from the gate. I had priority boarding with Ryanair, but they didn’t offer priority boarding first it was first come. It was quick getting onto the plane, and it left on time.

There was a flight leaving about 10 minutes before mine and the airport seemed very busy there was limited places to sit by the gates, but I found a seat outside. Smoking was allowed outside.

The toilet cubicles are very small too small to get a wheelie suitcase in which is the joys of travelling solo you have to take your suitcase to the toilet with you but I was able to use the end toilet which was larger and I manged to take my case with me.
There was a desk for the business lounge which said it accepted priority pass.

business lounge at zadar airport


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