5 Cool things to do in Dubai

haggling in souks in dubai

Dubai is a destination of extravagance, you will see sports cars driving round, jewels that will make your eyes pop and hotels that are so big you can easily get lost in them.  Here are my to 5 things to do in Dubai which is a great checklist if you are working out a Dubai Itinerary.

Barter for a bargain in the Souks

I am useless at haggling I don’t actually like doing it and if the price they say at the beginning is OK with me I will happily pay it rather than trying to get it cheaper even though I love a bargain. However bartering is expected at the Souks, but don’t start haggling unless you actually want to buy the item as the shop keepers might get a bit annoyed.

The souks are so colourful with all the delights on offer. You can get gold, fabrics, fragrances and knick knacks. There are actually specific Souks for each item and it’s so hard to choose what to buy walking round them as there is so much. I just went to have a look and was amazed and wanted to buy everything.

haggling in souks in dubai

Sit back and see the sights in Dubai

I love hop on buses as I feel they let you get your bearings of a destinations. If you only have a short time in Dubai you can go on the bus tours to see the major sites. They are great if you don’t really know your way around as they take you to all the major attractions.

I used the Big Bus Tours Dubai, it was the best value for money and I have used this company in a lot of other countries and find their narrative to be more informative than competitors.

What I loved about this bus was the top deck had a air conditioned part and you definitely need this in Dubai as it can get very hot. There are 3 different routes and I did them all and the city one and beach one is so different.

big bus in dubai
Photo Credit : BigBus

See the Snow in Dubai

With the average temperatures in the 20s or 30s how about cooling off on the Ski slopes. One of the most popular attractions in Dubai is the indoor ski slopes in a mall.

I went to watch people having a go and it looked so much fun they even have penguins there. I only watched as I was too chicken to give it a go but if I go back this is definitely something I want to do now I am more adventurous.

It is crazy that you can do something like this in a country that you imagine is all desert and hot.

skiing in dubai
Photo Credit : Skidxb

Ride Dunes in the Desert

I went on a Dubai desert safari and it was so exciting. First we had a hair raising ride over the dunes in a 4×4 and I am so glad I had not eaten before as it was a very fast bumpy ride. Then we had a sunset BBQ with a camel ride and got to see a local show of dancers.

I had never been in the desert before and it was definitely a highlight of my trip in Dubai.

desert safari in dubai

Climb the tallest building in the world in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is still the tallest building in the world and it gives amazing views over the city. You can visit during the day or night to get different perspectives of Dubai I would recommend going just before dusk (about 4 or 5 in the evening) so you can the best of both. 

The Burj Khalifa is a iconic building in Dubai and also has the worlds highest outdoor observation deck. However it is a little pricey so if you want a cheaper option visit level 43 Sky Lounge which is 43 stories high and has panoramic views of the city where you can chill with a cocktail, although you have to be over 21 to visit the lounge.

burj khalifa in dubai

So here are 5 cool things to do in Dubai, I know there is still so much to see and do in this wonderful city and I can not wait to share more with you.


the most amazing things to do in dubai

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