Bridgetown Cruise Terminal in Barbados : Info and what to do

stunning beach : Things to do when docking in Barbados
stunning beach : Things to do when docking in Barbados
Things to do when docking in Barbados

Cruise stopping in Barbados : What to do in Bridgetown

If you are doing a Caribbean Cruise and stopping in Barbados this guide will tell you about the port and what you can do during your visit.

Barbados Cruise Terminal

Barbados Cruise terminal is in Bridgetown which is the capital of Barbados. A great place to visit in Eastern Caribbean.

Barbados cruise terminal is also called Deep Water Harbor, is a busy port stop. When I docked here there were 6 other cruise ships in dock at the same time.

The port is on the south western side of the island and it about 1 mile walk nito the centre of Bridgetown.

Alot of cruise ships will have complementary shuttles and there is also a paid bus for $2 each way right outside the cruise terminal.

Taxis are available.

The large cruise terminal has a information desk, free wifi, souvnirs and duty free shops, toilets and a post office so you can send some postcards home.

Ouside the terminal you can hire a car or a scooter and the best thing is they drive on the left in Barbados so its just like driving in the UK.

USD are widely accepted

Try a local beer : Banks

What to do in Bridgetown

Barbados is a small island and this means most of the points of interest are close to the cruise terminal making it a great island to tour independently.

Walk into Bridgetown along the sea front, there are benches along the way. You will pass the local fish market and a craft centre.

boats in barbados
Look at the boats in Barbados

Bridgetown is a historical place to visit where you can see the Parliament building, National Heros Square with its Nelson statue. Cross over the river to see St Mary’s Church.

Other historical things to see in Bridgetown are Nidhe Israel Museum and Synagogue, The Gun Hill Signal Station and Bathsheba. Around Broad street is the shopping area for saome duty free. You can even have a tour of Agapey’s chocolate factory.

Historical buildings in Bridgetown
Historical buildings in Bridgetown

What did I do when my cruise stopped in Barbados

When I spent the day in Bridgetown I went on a turtle snorkel tour organised by the cruiseship.

We were only in port until 2pm so didnt have long to explore the island and I wanted to do a bit of snorkeling in the Caribbean and this was an amazing experience I am so glad that I did it.

At the first stop we only saw a couple of fish, no turtle, 2nd stop more fish no turtle then the third we saw the turtle.

Only one but as it moved graciously, it was so close to me. They were throwing food to it but a big fish swum up and swiped it was nearly as big as the turtle.

sea turtle i saw when in barbados
Spotting a sea turtle in Barbados was amazing

The snorkeling trip was on a catamaran with a free bar, I got a bit tiddly on the rum punch.

I didn’t get chance to explore Barbados so I definitely need to go back one day but the beaches and sea were so beautiful.

There are a number of stunning beaches in Barbados and it is a excellent way to spent time when in Barbados, chilling on a beach with a rum cocktail is very relaxing.

barbados beach
Chill on a beach in Barbados

Tip for Barbados : Put sun cream on your back when snorkelling I burnt my back

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