Angela Langford Bloom and Glow : Does Exactly what is says on the Bottle

bloom and glow review

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Angela Langford Bloom and Glow

I have decided to republish this post as I love the product so much I have just bought myself a new bottle. It leaves my skin literally blooming and glowing and my mum now uses this face oil. It might seem pricy but the bottle lasts a long time even when I use it everyday.

I have always had weird skin on my face (makes me sound a bit like an alien!!) but it can never make up it’s mind whether it wants to be greasy, dry,  scaly, healthy looking or anything else it wants to be in the morning when I wake up.

I tried loads of things and not many have had an impact but I was really impressed with Angela Langford organic skincare range.

bottle of bloom and glow
Angela Langford Bloom and Glow

Why I love bloom and glow

After my latest chemotherapy treatment my skin has been very patchy on my face. I keep waking up with red patches that are very dry and sore. I find it I wear makeup I end up looking worse. The foundation seems to clog on the areas that are dry on my face and it looks awful to the point I have stopped wearing makeup.

However I was really impressed after using the blooming glow face oil, it was amazing. I thought using a oil on my face would leave me feeling greasy and getting more spots but it really didn’t do any of these things.

blook and glow

About bloom and glow

It is 100% natural, it is made in Britain and it contains chia seed and sea buckthorn. To be honest I don’t really know what these are but what I do know is I’m really excited by this oil, it means I can start wearing makeup again and looking half human instead of the red blotchy face I keep getting greeted with in the mirror. 

I will be using it on a daily basis it says on the bottle that this is your recipe for balanced and radiant skin and it actually did make my skin feel and look more radiant and it calmed down the dry patches so this really is a lotion that does what it says on the bottle.

I haven’t heard of Angela Langford treatments before but I am definitely going to look into trying some of her other items especially the face oils as there are two others I need to try.

I saw another blogger using this oil and it was the fact that she said that after using it for a few days that her foundation went on so much easier that made me want to try it. So I contacted them and asked if I could try a bottle and I was really chuffed but they sent me some in the post.

Angela Langford

It came with some recipe cards which I thought was a bit strange since it was a facial product. I thought maybe it is because it is using organic products that I could cook with but it wasn’t until I went on the website and realised that Angela Langford was actually of 2014 winner of MasterChef. I love cooking but I don’t actually watch MasterChef so that is why I didn’t recognise the brand name. I like how the website tells you Angela’s story as it gives a meaning behind the production of the products which I find interesting.

You can put this oil directly onto the skin which is what I have been doing or you can mix it with your daily moisturiser in the morning. For the first week I used it daily but now and I only need to use it every other day. One of the best things about the oil is the smell. It is so lovely that it actually relaxes me of an evening when I massage it into my face.

It contains natural vitamin E which repairs and protect skin against damage and I guess that chemotherapy has pretty much damaged my skin as much as anything. It also has some other really cool ingredients such as evening primrose, chia seed, rosehip, jojoba, chamomile, sea buckthorn and neroli. Not quite sure what all of these are apart from chamomile which I know is used to calm skin natural as a anti-inflammatory but all these ingredients seem to work well and really made my skin not, only look radiant but also feels really soft now I would definitely be using this as part of my skin care.

This is a great product for anyone. My mum keeps stealing it but I would especially like to recommend to someone who is going through chemotherapy as it was so kind to my skin and didn’t sting like some of the lotions I have tried did.

Would I recommend bloom and glow

I would recommend buying directly from the Angela Langford website as it doesn’t seem to be widely available even though it could be considered pricey at £20.50 a bottle I think it is great value for money as it really does work, I will definitely be buying some more when my sample bottle has ran out.

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