9 things you need to know about travelling to Cambodia

top tips for travelling to Cambodia

9 things you need to know about travelling to Cambodia

I am so excited to be planning a trip to Cambodia and during my research I am learning so much I didnt know about this fascinating country. Cambodia. If you are planning a trip to Cambodia, then you need to be aware of these nine things before you go to make the most of your time.

They often use the U.S. dollar

While Cambodia does have their own currency, the riel, you will likely not use it much while in the country. They typically use the U.S. dollar, and they care about the condition of it. Plenty of Cambodians will only accept newer bills and well-kept ones, so get some new cash before getting on your flight. This all makes it super easy for American tourists in Cambodia. On top of this, most things are pretty cheap, so put your shopping pants on and bring back tons of souvenirs.

Photo Credit: Intro Travel Cambodia
Photo Credit: Intro Travel Cambodia

Cambodia has an extremely powerful history

Cambodia has a dark and impactful history that can be visited while there. Both Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and S21 Killing Fields are extremely eye-opening and heartbreaking places to visit. It is a part of the world’s history that is not well-known, but is something that needs to be remembered. I can not wait to explore and find out more about this part of history.

You will need a visa to enter

When entering Cambodia, everyone is required to have a visa. It is not hard to obtain, but is something you need to be aware of so that you can plan accordingly.

Don’t book a flight there and then not be allowed in because you forgot to apply for your visa. Many neighboring countries do not require visas to enter, so if you go country hopping make sure you’re prepared. Check out your countries government site to find out how to apply for visa.

visa for cambodia
You will need to apply for a visa to enter Cambodia

Angkor Wat’s famous reflective water is just rain water

If you google images of Angkor Wat, you will find heaps of beautiful images taken of its reflection in the water out front, however that water isn’t always there. It is simply rain water that pools during the rainy season.

Angkor Wat is still stunning year round, just don’t assume you can take one of those epic photos year round as well.

Angkor Wat
I hope I get a view like this at Angkor Wat

English is commonly spoken

Although Cambodians do have their own language, it is very common to find them speaking English, especially in touristy areas. If you don’t speak Khmer, don’t worry, you will still be able to communicate perfectly well during your time in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is not the only temple worth visiting

Angkor Wat is so well known that often times the other beautiful temples amongst it can be forgotten. Don’t let all your time be consumed by just one temple when there are so many to explore. Angkor Tohm, Ta Prohm, and Bayon are all nearby and equally fabulous and worthwhile. I cant decide whether to do this solo or on a group tour, any recommendations?

Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm

Cash is king

Basically anything you buy in Cambodia will need to be paid for in cash. Paying with a card just isn’t a thing. No worries though, because there will be plenty of ATMs for you to withdraw cash from when you inevitably spend more than you originally planned.

It is not that Cambodia is expensive, it is quite the opposite actually, but you’ll undoubtedly want to splurge on a million different cheap things that will quickly add up if you aren’t careful. Plan ahead and bring some cash with you so you are prepared.

Embrace the tuk-tuks

They are everywhere. It’s almost impossible to get around without riding a tuk-tuk or two, so embrace them. They’re super fun anyways and will make your trip extra memorable. Everywhere you go becomes an adventure when you’re travelling in a tuk-tuk.

cambodia tuk tuk
Cambodia tuk tuk

Take Your Shoes Off

Regardless if you are at a temple, or someplace much less fancy, be prepared to remove your shoes. Majority of places in Cambodia will expect this of you out of respect. If you are unsure, just ask. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you should respect their customs when you’re in their home country.

Now that you have learned a bit more about Cambodia, does it make you want to book a trip, it definitely makes me!!

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