Sholay Indian Kitchen : Indian street food in Bristol


Sholay Indian Kitchen : Indian street food in Bristol

Sholay Indian Kitchen is one of the latest new eateries to come to Bristol Wapping Wharf. I have visited quite a few of the restaurants in Wapping Wharf and they don’t all stay around for long so be advised that you get down there quickly so you can try some Indian street food but I am hoping this restaurant will be here sometime as it was yummy.

sholay indian kitchen

Since the food venues at Wapping Wharf are in shipping containers they are quite small and intimate. I visited Sholay Indian Kitchen for Sunday Lunch with my mum. It only has 6 small tables however if the weather is nice there are a few tables outside to watch people exploring the Bristol Harbour.

The welcome we received from server Valentino was really warm and friendly just like the atmosphere at Sholay Kitchen. There was a mixture of clientele during our visit from two middle-aged ladies catching up with a gossip to a family of 3 generations including Grandma and Grandpa, a lady dining solo then there was me with my mum.

indian street food restaurant in bristol

I looked at the menu before my visit and I was really looking forward to a Masala Dosa which I had when I was travelling South India and it was absolutely delicious unfortunately the menu changed a couple of days before my visit and this was no longer on it but what I did have was absolutely delicious.

We started with some Super some onion and kale bhaji’s which will little mouthfuls of delight. I always have a bhaji with my Indian takeaway and sometimes they can be dry and tasteless but these were delicious. They had a slight kick to them not too much as I dont like a lot of spice. It came with a rich coloured sauce that was also full of flavour and cooled down the spice in the bhajis, which probably were not even that spicy but to me they were.

onion and kale bhaji

My mum decided to go for the lamb cutlets as I am not a big fan of lamb so we never have this at home. Well good job it came as 2 cutlets as I had a little taste and it was absolutely delicious. I normally find the flavour of lamb too strong and I don’t really like fatty meat but these were so tender and the spices on them were just perfect.¬†They came with a green sauce and a pink sauce which I don’t have a clue what were in either but they were both delicious the pink one reminded me of beetroot but I couldn’t be sure I would actually go back to Sholay Indian Kitchen just to order these.

indian lamb cutlets

I went for the Chicken Kathi Roll which was like a wrap with house relish. The ingredients for so fresh tasting. My mum also liked so we up splitting the wrap and the lamb cutlets between us. Thats one of the things I loved about this restaurant you can try a few different dishes and share them making it a perfect place to dine with friends or family.

chicken kathi roll

We had a side order of masala fries which were cooked to perfection and had just the right amount of spice on them. Everything about this quirky little place is lovely we washed it all down with a cold cider.

masala fries

It’s an open Kitchen and the smells that come from the kitchen we so tantalizing I need to return to this restaurant so not only can I have some more lamb but also try some of the delicious other options of the menu as when the other people in their restaurant have their food delivered it all looked so yummy.

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Thank you to Sholay Indian Kitchen for giving me and my mum the chance to try your delicious food we will definitely be back for more.

Indian Street Food in Bristol City

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