Visit Mayreau in St Vincents and Grenadines : Isolated Caribbean Island

Visit Mayreau
Visit Mayreau
Visit Mayreau

Visit Mayreau in St Vincents and Grenadines : Isolated Caribbean Island

One of the highlights of my Caribbean cruise on the Marco Polo was when we visited Mayreau.

Mayreau is a small island in St Vincent’s and Grenadines and is only accessible by boat. This was the cruise 2nd stop visiting St Vincents and Grenadines.

They said we were visiting our own private island but to be fair even though we were the minority tourists people did inhabit the island.

St Vincents and Grenadine Islands map
St Vincents and Grenadine Islands : Source Wikipedia

We had the beach to ourselves and the cruise put on a beach party for us as there are no places to go really on the island.

We had to use the tenders and I got off the ship early with some friends and got an amazing spot on the beach under a tree for some shade.

The weather was amazing and it was paradise just how I imagined being in the Caribbean.

There was a party atmosphere as a local steel band played music on the beach. We basically chilled watching a few boats sail by. I went for a stroll around the island and the locals were very friendly. A few were selling crafts and souvenirs.

We had a BBQ on the beach and the cruise had brought some cold drinks from the ship. It was tiring work watching the crew get everything off the ship but they did an absolutely amazing job especially in the heat. This was one of the best cruises I have been on because the crew are diamonds.

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The ship had paid for the sun loungers which was a nice touch. The toilets were also ok which makes a change on a beach.

There is little on the island apparently they don’t even have electricity but it all seemed very idyllic.

chilling on the beach on Mayreau island
Mayreau was a paradise island

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