Cruise to Trinidad and Tobago : Scarborough Cruise Port info and what to do

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Scarborough Cruise Port info and what to do

About Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a caribbean island and is quite close to South America. It consists of the main island Trinidad and Tobago and some smaller islands. It is 81 miles south of Grenada. The official language is English.

Trinidad and Tobago is famous for steel drums and the caribbean dance The Limbo. It is a great island to visit on a cruise.

Trinidad and Tobago Flag
Trinidad and Tobago Flag

It is also a great place for birdwatching, chocolate, beaches and its jungle forest range.

I visited Trinidad and Tobago as part of a Caribbean Cruise on the Marco Polo cruise ship.

The currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT), dont get confused with the USD as there is a big difference in price. USD is widely accepted. Tipping is not part of the culture but it is now quite common.

Scarborough Cruise Port

Scarborough cruise port is on the southern coast of Tobago.

There were taxis waiting in the port and could take you on tours.

Inside the cruise terminal there are duty free shops, craft and souvinir shops as well as a Subway and KFC which I know a few of the crew went to as they were craving some junk food as we were on a 32 night cruise.

There were tour companies offering excursions and right outside the port is a ice-cream parlour which was popular place to cool down.

views of tobago
Tobago is a eautiful Island to visit on a cruise

What did I do when docked in Trinidad and Tobago

When my cruise stopped at Scarborough cruise port in Trinidad and Tobago I went on a tour organised by the cruise line.

This tour visited Argyle Waterfall, it was a bit of a walk to get to it and I only just made it any further and I would have had to give up. It was quite slippery in places one lady fell and twisted her ankle so it was not the best excursion for someone like me with mobility problems.

The waterfall was beautiful not as big as I thought but it was dry season so in the wet season it would be bigger.

You could swim in the pool at the bottom but you have to climb over rocks to get to it. I got half way and decided to turn around as I thought I would end up getting stuck as it was difficult. But others managed it and some were even climbing up the side of the waterfall they are a lot braver than me.

I just sat on a rock and paddled in the water it was really refreshing and quite cool in the rain forest I thought it would be really uncomfortable and humid.

Waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago
Waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago

Top tip if visiting waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago : Do remember bug spray as you will feel as though you are getting eaten. I also wore long trousers.

There was some giant bamboo that had been brought over from Asia and it was growing rapidly. We didn’t see that many animals, a few birds but they were quick so couldn’t make out what they were. I saw a lizard and lots of termites, I saw about three termite nests and felt really itchy.

I saw cocoa pods with the cocoa beans in and the shop were selling the beans for $5 they are quite large about the size of a golf ball and really smell of chocolate.

There were toilets there which though small were clean and you could buy t-shirts, fruit and drinks. We then went to a fort which had a few cannons and great few of the island you could see Trinidad in the background.

Trinidad and Tobago was a beautiful island and if I were to visit again I would make sure I got to go to the Caribbean side apparently the best beach with the best facilitates was pigeon beach.

Things to do in Tobago

Tobago has some stunning beaches with soft sands and crystal clear waters. You can get a taxi from Scarborough cruise port to a local beach for about $25 which is ok if there are a few of you.

tobago beach
Beaches in Tobago

If you go to Pigeon Point you can do some snorkeling for about TT$15. You do however have to pay a fee to use thge facilities at Pigeon Point which is TT$18 only about £2 so not too bad. There is also a glass bottom boat which operate once a day at 11.30am (time was correct during my visit)

National art gallery and museum or you could do a chocolate tour and try some local sweet treats.

I would recommend choosing a tour when you get to Scarborough cruise port as it will be a lot cheaper than going with the cruise line. There were lots of touts organising trips. What is great if they help coordinate taxis to different locations so if you are travelling solo you can jump into a taxi with others to split the cost.

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